Newbie question - TRUE DTS 6.1 discrete receiver?


I recently purchased Yamaha HTS-5560 receiver and have it connected to the JBL 6.1 speaker system (SCS160SI). I've been reading lately on other AV sites that this receiver is not really a TRUE DTS 6.1 discrete receiver. Is this something really important that I am missing? What do they mean when they say it "will automatically matrix 6.1 discrete"?

Thanks for the help in advance.

Not being familiar with that receiver, I imagine it means that it is capable of delivering 6 channels, but it only has 5 amplified channels for standard 5.1 surround. To be able to use a 6th rear center channel you would probably have to buy a mono-channel amplifier and patch it into the receiver to play the 6th speaker. Obviously you don't need to amplify the subwoofer, as I imagine you have a self-powered subwoofer.

So your Yamaha has the chipset to matrix a 6th channel, but it doesn't have the amplification to play a 6th speaker.

It is fine to omit the 6th rear center speaker and just play in 5.1---as there is rarely a "true" 6th channel in DVD anyway. The 6th channel is invariably a matrixed mix by the chipsets algorithm---it isn't a discrete 6th channel like the other 5.

G-Man, unfortunatly you are wrong, matrix means that it isnt a true discrete channel, it is mixed in with the surround channels sent through the optic./coaxial cable and then mixed out by the EX/ES decoder in the Yamaha. The 5560 does amplify the rear channel. In a discrete figuration, it has its own channel that is sent through the cable to the receiver.

I know what matrix means--read my last sentence. So it has 6 channel amplification. Okay. But does it have the newer DTS 6.1 discrete channel or a 6th channel matrix? Or does it have both?

John A.

"Is this something really important that I am missing? "
No. it is hype.


Yes, that is what you said, and you are correct.

I thought I would look this one up:-

Yamaha are not exactly clear on this issue. If it were genuine 6.1, they would be.

'circuitry ...performs ... DTS "ES-Compatible" decoding....'

'Yamaha's DSP adds an additional rear center soundfield, allowing enjoyment of 6.1 channel movie sound formats'.

Looks like matrixing to me, but they don't want the customer to know....

If you click on specification, it looks like it has six output channels, each at 75W.
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