How do I use MCACC?


How do I use Manual MCACC?

I have the pioneer elite vsx43 and can't seem to find anywhere on the web or pioneer's site how to use this function.

My understanding is this:

MCACC adjusts db levels and frequencies. What frequencies affect what tone? Im supposed to measure the decibels and frequencies from the sweet spot in the room using a SPL meter. Then I adjust the decibels and frequencies up and down based on the SPL measurements.

I don't see how this will work for frequencies though as frequencies are subject to personal preferences. How does auto MCACC decifer what is good for frequencies?

Thanks a bunch guys.

A flat room response is the point. Not having bumps in the upper bass or a too hot treble. Having the sound balanced to where you usually sit is the point.

If a person prefers a non-flat frequency response, then balancing and equalizing the db's in a system may not be for them

Just like having an ISF professional calibrate your HDTV monitor to 6500 degrees K and other parameters may not be to people's tastes that like hot reds and an overbright screen.

From my personal perspective I would rather hear what the audio engineer had in mind, rather than colorizations in my speakers and the room acoustic anomalies.

If I want to alter the speakers frequency response and delays I can always do that with the A/V receiver or an A/V pre-amp.

I always want my default setting to be as flat a response as possible and as balanced as possible.

So the MCAAC decides that the point where you put the microphone will have as flat a frequency response as it is possible of rendering and also will balance the speakers to that microphone point.

It is done for sonic accuracy. It isn't done for a person's taste in liking a hot treble or a "bloomy" bass.

I suggest using your sound level meter instead of the mcaac. A meter is the only way to make sure your levels are correct. If you have one use it, if not get a Radio Shack analog meter[$40]. If you need instructions on using it post that and I can help you.

I should have been more clear in my question. I understand the theory of what the MCACC is supposed to do. I don't know what frequencies should be adjusted to affect treble/bass/mid. I also don't know who to use this SPL meter. I don't own it yet though. I'm guessing i hit the MCACC button and it emits a tone out of each speaker one at a time. As it does this I point the SPL meter at the speaker from the focal point (where I sit). Oui?

Go get the meter at Radio Shack.[analog meter]
Get into the speaker setup menu and adjust your speaker delay[distance] and leave the speakers at default setting.[small fronts etc] Go to the test tone function so you can cyclefrom speaker to speaker. Set the meter to 70db, A weight, slow setting. Hold the meter straight upright in your listening position and as you cycle the test tones adjust the level with your receiver remote so all levels are at 0 on the meter. You will then have your levels balanced correctly. You can always do further adjustments if you want[like bump up center etc] Remember to set the tone to manual so the tone won't move until you move it. You will find this is really easy once you get used to doing it. Good luck.
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