B& K AVR 507 vs Elite vsx-49txi


Does anyone have any background with these two products. Running BP2002 Def Tech Speakers with the 2002 center and the BPX 2 rears. Interested in using a universal DVD player for music and videos as well as using a front projection LCD Projector. Room will be 15 X 21 feet. Looks like I can get a deal on both.

What do you think?????

Two great receivers Mike! I love the 49txi and it has more flexibilty than the B&K but I can't comment on the sonics of the B&K. Have you heard them both and if so what's your impression of their sound qualities? I would buy a 49txi in a heartbeat if I had a big enough room to justify it.

Mike Johnson
Both sounded great with my speakers in the store. I think the price on the 49txi will drop due to the new models coming out, so it should be cheaper. Not sure how the two compare in features and functions. Trying to print some info off now.
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