This newbie is confused about Outlaw 1050 Specs


Hi this is a newbie question. I heard the Outlaw 1050 mentioned over & over here so I went to their website to check out it's specs. What does the following mean? Why is it rated at 3x65W & not 6x65W?

- 6 Discrete amplifiers
- Rated at 3 x 65 watts (20 Hz - 20 KHz, <0.05% distortion, All 6 channels driven)

Have a look at the Outlaw FAQ for the 1050, the 6th question down has some information on your question. BTW, Sound&Vision magazine measured the 1050 to be approx. 6x62W in it's testing.


I have wondered that too. Can't imagine what they are thinking, but most mass market receivers are only rated two channels at a time. However, Sound & Vision magazine rated the Outlaw 1050 and found that it produced 62 wpc x 5, with 0.074% THD:

cool thanks makes total sense now :)
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