"Laid Back" and "Bright" - what does it mean?


I'm sorry for the dumb question, but I saw several messages with reference to a receiver being more "laid back" or "brighter". What do these terms mean?

Bright refers to an over emphasis on the highs exemplified by vocal sibilance and a lack of depth of the soundstage and lack of deep bass. Laid back is a smoother sound without the sibilance and a more balanced sound where it is more neutral. Brighter receivers tend to sound thin and hollow where laid back receivers have a more full bodied sound IMO. Some of this depends on your speakers but different receivers do have their own characteristics despite what the "all amps sound the same" crowd say.

Hi Youngster

Take a look at this post:



Hi elitefan

Then laidback and warm are the same thing ?
If not, which are the differences ?
And what's forward, smooth ?


These terms are so hard to explain in simple language it's like you know it when you hear it. I don't think I can add anything to the other posting on this subject that you where involved in.
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