Cant get surround for my tv shows


I have a Sony HT-C800DP and I am hooking it up to my Mitsubishi VS-60707 and I only have one audio out and it is a fixed varible (whatever that means). How can I get audio to surround sound from my tv. I can get video and watch dvds with my reciever.

Fixed and variable are two different things. If it is fixed, the output produces a fixed signal, if it's variable the output can be adjusted by the volume control. Maybe the output can be switched to fixed OR variable? If you're connecting to another device like a receiver, you'll want it set to fixed.

John A.
Michael, GT,

"How can I get audio to surround sound from my tv."

Please help with a bit more info. The Sony is a HT receiver, the Mitsubishi, I think, is an analogue TV.

Where is the surround signal? Don't you need a digital receiver of some kind?

You should be able to route an analogue stereo output from the TV to the receiver and get Prologic or similar. Is this what you mean, Michael?

Sorry the tv is aa analogue tv. The sony is a home thater system with a 5 disk dvd and dts prologic. See the bakc of the tv says is a Fixed/varible under the audio out with a tuner/monitor above it for video. but with my tv upstairs there are two sets of audio out and this one only has the one and that is my problem.

If there is only a single audio out, then you're getting mono output. Must not be a stereo TV. You'll need a Y adapter, Male to 2 Female RCA and then connect it to a regular stereo audio cable with male plugs on each end. Check the menu on your TV and see if you can set the output to "fixed" instead of "variable".
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