Denon av2803 vs. marantz sr6300 or 7300


I'm looking for something to drive my B&W 602 s3's in stereo and a 5.1 configuration and have narrowed it down to these two receivers. From what I've been able to gather from postings here (particularly from the informed opinions of HAWK), the marantz is the superior audiophile receiver . I'm just curious why the 2803 seems to be getting all the press (product of the year from WHAT HI FI, highly recommended by The Perfect Vision) but I have yet to see any reviews of the 6300 or 7300. What gives?

The Perfect Vision reviewed the 7300ose last issue. The ose is I think about $300 more than the 7300. They liked the 7300ose alot and it's a great receiver but last year they liked the 7200 which wasn't so good. Between the 2803 and 7300 i would pick the 7300 but would suggest you look at the Elite 53 and the H/K 525 as there are some great closeout prices on that unit right now.

Thanks for your input elitefan. I saw the favorable ose review but yes, at $1300, it's $500 more than the Denon. Hawk's comments about the brighter Denon not wearing as well over longer listening periods on two channel scares me off a bit but then the stock 7300 is $200 more.


I think the Denon gets more press because Denon has so much more market power, both through advertising dollars and outlets. It is also interesting since Denon and Marantz are the same company although they keep their operations separate.

I think the Denon is a very fine receiver, but I would get the Marantz 7300 over the Denon if they were about the same amount of money. I like the Denon, I own a Denon, but I have heard the Marantz and it is simply one of those special products that have a "sweet" sound to them. I took in my Heybrook 2Rs (very similar to a B+W 601) and connected them to a Marantz in a local store. It was the best those speakers have ever sounded and I actually had the saleman offer to buy them off me on the spot. Believe me, they didn't sound that good connected to my Denon!

Sound is very subjective and "reviews" usually consider things like connectivity, listening modes, and other features that I have found to have little or no bearing on the enjoyment I derive from my system. I have found it is sound quality first and last, and that is why I recommend the Marantz. That does not mean that the Denon is bad--far from it. It is a superb unit, but I personally don't like the sound quality as much as I do the Marantz. Your ears may differ.

I would get one of each and take them home for the weekend to try out with your speakers at your home. See which one you like best. Take the other one back to the store for a refund.

Thanks Hawk for your always astute comments. I've heard that the true test of surround receiver is how it sounds in stereo. Is it possible for an av receiver that may not sound as good as the best in 2 channel to have an edge in processing sound from a multi-channel source?

Yes but I would buy what sounds best to you in 2 channel mode as most any newer receiver has very good multichannel processing. Motorola, Crystal, Analog Devices make almost all the dsp chips for all the major brands and do a very nice job. I would pay more attention to the receivers multichannel power rating.

Thanks elitefan...while I've got you on this thread, do you (or anyone else) have an opinion on dipole surrounds speakers vs. direct? Many seem to think that ideally every speaker position should have the same emphasis/frequency range but most dipoles I've seen are pretty wimpy in the lower frequencies. And is it better to have a more diffuse sound field (dipoles) or a more localized one (direct) or is that just another matter of preference? And finally, to stay on topic, would the Denon receiver handle the dipoles differently from the Marantz?


I would NOT pair the 2803 with 602 S3. I spent hours & hours listening to 600/601/602/603 S3 & N805 this past month using both Marantz 7300 & Denon 2803.

As an audio newbie I don't know the proper terms to describe the sound. Here's a lousy attempt:

I found the 2803 has such sharp details & accuracy, it was not fun to listen to. My brain was overwhelmed with way too much info, not music, but more like accurately reproduced frequencies of all sorts that got bomblasted towards me. After listening to it for just over an hour, I had a major headache & felt like vomiting.

Hawk, if the 3803 sounds just like that, I would not like it either & understand why you can't wait to switch to the new NAD T753. :)

The 7300 on the other hand is so musical. I compared several tracks using the same source & speakers. It is not as detailed (ie some track portions sounded slightly muddled, but not by much) as the 2803, but ALOT smoother & way more fun to listen to. I actually felt like waiving my hands to perform some amateur conducting!

I think this is why alot of people generalize that the Marantz is better for music & Denon for H/T.

To this pair of ears, the 2803 sounded terrible with B+W 600 series, but the 7300 is quite good. Unfortunately the B+W dealer doesn't stock NAD. Both units produced better sound with the N805, obviously. These nice speakers actually made the Denon sound alot more acceptable.

I notice in USA the Denon is usually heavily discounted but Marantz is not. In Canada the 7300 & 2803 retails for the *same high price*. No brainer which one I'll choose. Actually I will go for the 7300ose. :)

You certainly help to confirm my apprehensions about the 2803. I've been unable to hear either the 2803 or the 7300 with the B+W's (my local B+W dealer only carries Yamaha and Pioneer Elite). I may just have to go with the Marantz on faith as more and more anecdotal evidence seems to be suggesting it's the one. I know Hawk suggested taking both home for the weekend and returning one for a refund but I don't know if my local dealers have that liberal of a return policy (unless there's something actually defective with the unit).
BTW, do you have, or are you considering a B+W HT system and if so, what configuration?

Yes I have been researching for about 2 mths. My aim is 70-80% stereo music & the occasional movie/concert DVD. Almost pulled the trigger a few times.

I live in an apt so space is a concern. Initially I wanted to go with the tiny Polk RM6700 satellites, but once I heard the B+W 600 series, I figured I can "make space" for them by rearranging furniture, etc. :)

At one point I was quite firm on NAD T7x2 + 602 fronts + LCR60 + 600 rears. For fronts I liked 602 better than 601 or 600. But because of its bigger 7" base/mid, I found it slightly over-clouds the higher notes when compared to the 601 or 603 (both at 6.5"). So I chose the 603 towers instead. For HT I would be happy with either pair, but I am pickier on 2 ch music.

On Friday I went back to do a final listening before purchasing. Unfortunately they also had the N805 in the soundroom that nite, and man, those tiny monitors have such finer details & dynamics (at 2x the price of 603 though). Now I'm tempted to drop my 5.1 plan & spend my budget on 2 ch music for now. The problem is, at that price point, suddenly there are alot more options beside the N805 or the cheaper 705 or CDM 1NT sibblings. I would have to go back to the drawing board & revisit my other fav... Dynaudio.

As for the receiver, my plan as of Friday is to drop the NAD T752 & its better music for a pricier 7300ose. Why? Because 1) I'm stupid :), 2) although it's true every brand has problems, there seems to be more documented issues with NAD, and I don't have the time & patience to exchange units or deal with NAD directly to trouble shoot glitches; 3) don't like the fact that NAD (or Rotel) is assembled in China. Would I ever buy a Mercedes or BMW that's made in China? Some might but not me. I rather pay more for a Marantz (model 7300 & up) that's made in Japan. Just a personal preference/arrogance/stupidity. (And if the B+W 600 series were made in Taiwan like their cheaper VM1, I would not have considered them).

Of course if I end up going for the N805, then I would probably look at separates & not an AVR. Such is the joy & frustration of searching for a dream system with limited budget. :)

I am asking if anyone has heard of any problems with the Marantz sr7300 besides noise. I am having problems with the virtual and stereo outputs on my a/v receiver. I am getting sound from all other channels except those two that I have mentioned. I am getting sound through the sub-woofer in both problem modes. The audio display does show that the speakers are connected. This is an upgraded receiver that replaced my sr7200 due to problems that I had with popping noise, sleep timer and on screen display issues.

I'm sort of in the same boat as you in that I've almost "pulled the trigger" several times but always hear or read something that makes me step back from the brink. The speaker set up I've zeroed in on is identical to what you were thinking initially: 602 fronts/LCR60 center/600 rears (my wife has vetoed floorstanders) but this set up, with a good sub, seems to sound nearly as good as floorstander systems I've heard. Did you ever check out the Monitor Audio Bronze system? I've heard good things about Dynaudio but have yet to audition any. I refuse to let myself hear something like the budget is already $1000 over what I had originally planned to spend. And if you are now looking at the 7300ose, why wouldn't you also be looking at the Rotel rsx-1055 (are they really assembled in China?)?

And has anybody heard if Marantz has addressed that 7300 noise problem that Anonymous refers to? I've heard that a certain amount of noise is detectible in virtually all avr's. True or False?

I haven't really looked at other speakers. I auditioned B&W mostly because of their name, and I like their yellow kevlar look & the made in UK craftsmanship. There are various posts that bashes why B&W's kevlar drivers are bad & why 4khz xover is silly, etc, but price wise I'm happy w/ the 600/601/602. I may have to drop to 601 fronts due to little clearance from the TV.

I only briefly looked at Dynaudio Audience 42, really like their size & sound but figured their rear ports will give me problems in my apt. Also the entry level 42 costs more than B&W 602.

BTW I think Blueroom has the coolest looking speakers. But unfortunately there are no local dealers. The wife *really* likes them though:

As for AVR, up in Canada I can get Denon 2803 or Marantz 7300 for the same price C$1k (about US$740), the 7300ose for C$1250 (about US$925). The Rotel is alot more last time I checked. NAD is not bad. Cost is T742 < SR7300 < T752 < SR7300ose. Plus 14.5% taxes. Ouch.

I still haven't ruled out the NADs yet. Waiting to see if dealers will drop 7x2 prices when 7x3 arrives.


If you liked the Dynaudios, they make a model 42 that has the port on the front called the 42W. Same sound as the regular 42.

If you are still in the market for a receiver, first, I will consider one that is "future proof" (software upgradable). The SR-7300 is. Also, the SR-7400 will be available in December (7 channels, DPLIIx, video up-converting for $999). This could means better prices on the SR-7300 and the OSE version.

Yes, I was just in this weekend to see my local Marantz dealer and with the impending release of the 7400, he said he'd sell the 7300 for $699. I could not detect any noise or hiss on the unit, even with the volume level turned all the way up, so I don't know what people are talking about there. I suspect a lot of misinformation is spread around in these forums by competitors.

He also tried to steer me away from B&W (as any non-B&W dealer is wont to do) suggesting they spend too much on advertising and not enough on the product. He's a Monitor Audio man (like Elitefan) and I must say the Silver 2's sound great and at $750 are only $150 more than the 602's. hmmm.

Cool, thanks you all for the excellent info.

BTW I went to Marantz site & their software upgrades for 8200 & 9200 actually cost money! Like US$ what a rip off.

Anyhow spending the weeking with wife shopping for shoes. Definitely not as exciting for me.

I found a local dealer with Blue Room MiniPod speakers so will check those out. These cute looking bug like speakers will make the wife happy vs the boxy B&W or Dynaudio. Someone said their sound is not as good as DM 600 series though.

Also, will revisit Audience 42/52 for sure. Hawk I'm just curious, how much do those go for in the States? I wanna see if there is room to barter. The local NAD dealer just started carrying Dynaudio. How convenient. :)

The only downside is having four 42W + one 42C is going to run me *alot* more than B&W 600/601 + LCR60.

Dynaudio is a power hungry speaker. I demoed the 42 and the 52 with a Bryston amp and a Classé CD. The sound was amazing! Cube speakers will give you a good apearance but you can forget about excellent sound. Also, I don't think the SR-7300 will drive 5 - 4ohms nominal, 86db speakers. I'm used to 6 to 8 ohms speakers (PSB, Velodyne and Athenas) and over 89db. If you can afford a good setup, go for it!.

I am intrested in buying a reciever for my
Fujitsu 50" [P50XHA10].
I am thinking of Marantz 9300 or Denon 5803.
Please suggest me, which one is better.
Thanks for your help.


I have recently priced the Dynaudio Audience 42s at $699/pr. here in the States. The 52s are $899/pr. The 42C is $399.00 each.

They do sound very good, don't they!


I would not spend that much money for a receiver. Instead, I would get some really outstanding separates like the Outlaw Audio 950/7100 combo. Check them out at

Thanks for your suggestion,But I dont think that outlaw does make any 7.1 channel AVR. Will you please let me know if there are some other companys which are reasonable in price & built 7.1 channel units.


You are right, Outlaw doesn't make a 7.1 AVR. It makes 7.1 separates that sound better, IMO. It is the same thing as an AVR, but they put it into two boxes instead of one. Cheaper than those 7.1 receivers, too.

Hawk: Thanks for your reply, I appreciate for your help.

Hello Hawk, Elitefan, Wigglyman, Anonymous and other Gurus. You have made an already confused man go MAD!!...I have been researching to build a hometheater system. My room size is 20' x 20'.
After researching Online, at local stores and talking to amatuer people I made up my mind to go for the Denon 1804 or 2803. But after reading all your opinions/comparisons about Denons and Marantzs I am confused!!...I am BRAND NEW to music but would like to get the BEST combination. I want to spend upto US$2000 for a receiver, center channel, and two floor speakers. I will think about surrounds/DVD/Sub-Woofer later. I also was thinking about Polk CSI40 and RTI100s. PLEASE ADVISE. I can stretch $200 more if required.

Hi. Sam of Chicago.
I have been researching so long about recievers,
but I like Marantz better compare to Denon, as Denon is more popular, but Marantz is more professional & the sound is better. I tested both Denon 5803 & Marantz SR 9300.
Last week I bought SR 8300. A classic component with 7.1 channel capability.Which also fit in my budget of $2000/-.
I am very happy with it.
120 W x 6 (192/24 bit Crystal DAC® for all 6 Channels)
THX Select®, THX Surround EX®, Dolby Digital EX® Pro Logic II®, DTS ES®(Discrete 6.1, Matrix 6.1, Neo:6),DTS 24/96, SRS Circle Surround II® 6.1
Multiroom Capable with full set of line outs for audio, composite video, allows for set-up of an additional system in another room and complete second-room Control with RC3200 Touchscreen Learning Remote

Sam of Chicago:

I think George has made an excellent suggestion in getting a Marantz rather than a Denon. I have a Denon 3803 and I must say that I have been very disappointed in the sound quality. It is rather dry sounding and can be difficult to match to speakers (sonically speaking). I will be replacing it with an NAD very soon. I think you are very smart to buy the receiver and front three speakers and wait on the ancillary speakers (sub and surrounds). This allows you to buy a better system by buying better components.

I have spent quite a bit of time looking for both a replacement for my receiver and a new speaker system. Let me suggest a couple of alternatives that I think are great systems.

In Chicago, one of the better places to buy audio is Saturday Audio Exchange on Belmont Ave (another store in Evanston). They are having a sale on NAD right now as NAD is preparing to change its product line. They also have two different speaker systems that I really like for your needs.

First, consider either an NAD 762 (MSRP is $1299, but SA sells it for $899) or an NAD 752 (MSRP is $899, but SA sells it for $699) from Saturday Audio. Then check out either the PSB 4Ts or NHT ST-4 floorstanding speakers. I find them both to be outstanding, providing excellent detail and accuracy. Saturday Audio also has the appropriate center speakers, either a PSB 8C or 9C with the PSB towers and the NHT SC1 or SC2 for the NHT floorstanders.

The MSRP on the PSBs is $649, but you should be able to get them for about $499 or less. Figure an 8C center speaker (MSRP is $299) should run about $240. A 9C should cost about $325.

The NHTs have an MSRP of $1000, but can be had for about $799. The SC-1 Center Speaker has an MSRP of $299, but you should be able to get it for $235, give or take $5. An SC-2 should cost about $325.

If you have a good place for Marantz, check out the 7300 or the 7300ose. The former is an $899 receiver that you should be able to get for about $700 as they are being replaced, as well, by a new 7400 model due in December. The "ose" model has an MSRP of $1199, but should run about $950 right now.

All of these are highly recommended and are within your budget. Good luck!

Hawk. Please accept my heart-felt appreciation for your advice. It helped a lot. Infact I called and spoke with an associate at Saturday Audio in Chicago. They have stuff on sale and display. I will visit them Saturday. However, please advise me with this: Assume I bought the PSB Image 6T Floor spks pair and Image 9C center channel. WHICH Receiver should I buy. NAD 762 or the MARANTZ 7300ose??. The guy at Saturday Audio says that the NAD is build in China. (though NAD seems to be a Canadian company) Whereas the Marantz 7300ose is made in Japan. As someone commented would you buy a BMW or Mercedez that was built in China or Germany??.....I am not arguing. If YOU were to buy a receiver for the PSB Image set of spkrs what would be your choice, NAD 762 or Marantz 7300ose ??? Thanks.


NAD--without a question or a moments hesitation. I like the Marantz, but the NAD sound is so good, that I not only recommend it, I am getting an NAD for myself to replace my Denon as soon as my dealer gets in a shipment. I believe the NAD sounds like quality separates, not a receiver. The Marantz would be my second choice, however.

Yes, NADs are built in China (designed in Sweden and Great Britain), which is now the world's center for manufacturing. In fact, my Denon was built in China, as are the following audiophile brands: Arcam, Cambridge Audio, Rotel, KEF, NHT, and so many others that would take to long to list. You should understand that China has more ISO 9001 certified facilities than any three other countries combined. Generally speaking, I think the quality of the manufacture has been as good or better than the Japanese products I have purchased over the past several years. When I was in college thirty years ago at a major west coast university, the Electrical Engineering program was full of Chinese students and it has remained that way. They have been going back to China and many have been very successful in setting up manufacturing plants of the highest quality. China is not a low wage country, but it is cheap to manufacture there as the plants are very efficient and the exchange rate of the Yuan to the Dollar has remained fixed at a very artificially low level. I would not let the point of manufacture sway me here. In fact, I would gladly buy a BMW or Mercedes built in China, especially at the price they could sell it at!

Listen for yourself, tomorrow. I think you will find that the NAD sound is quite remarkable and of a much higher quality than the usual mass market homogenized sound that comes with most receivers.

Enjoy your new system!

Salutes! Hawk.
Your advice is awesome! the tone of confidence and logical explanation of facts doesn't leave me with more questions or doubts about Receivers for my budget.

One quick question about speakers: Between the PSB Image 6Ts and comparable NHTs which is the best pick for the NAD 762(Two Floors and One Center for now). Ignore the price difference. I don't want to compromise if the difference in just $300-400. I could stretch that much. You don't buy this stuff every year right??
I shouldn't think of replacing this equipment for the next five years!!....BTW I too am an E. Engg. minus experience!!

Please help please help !!!
I'm going to order the Yamaha RXV2400 and the Denon AVR3803 from US website, and just wonder am I be able to use it in Australia? We are using AC220-240 in Australia. Is there a 'volatage selector' for these 2 models? Thanks for your time and help.


I spent a bunch of time last weekend looking and listening to the NHT ST-4s and the PSB Image 6Ts, not only for you, but for Robert W. and for myself. Both speakers are very warm and focused, and present an excellent soundstage. Both are excellent values for the money and both sound wonderful with the NAD receivers.

However, if I were to choose between the two for myself, I prefer the ST-4s. The top end of the ST-4s is definitely smoother sounding to my ears and a little more precise. The bass of the ST-4s is a little leaner, but I prefer it that way as I really dislike bass that gets loose (what the British like to call "plummy"). In fact, I was so taken with the ST-4s that I may get a pair soon (if my wife has her way, it will be "as soon as my ship comes in"!). The ST-4s will need more power than the PSBs as they are a sealed enclosure and are not as efficient, but this is not a problem when using an NAD receiver to drive them.

Now, I recognize that there are many things that go into these decisions as you may prefer the look of the PSB's "woodgrain wrap" rather than the gloss black finish of the NHTs, or you may like the hotter top end, etc. But, I give my recommendation strictly upon what I hear and I like what I hear from the NHTs the best. I have a price of $785/pr. for the ST-4s, so they are really just about the same price as the PSBs. The NHT center speaker (SC-2) tends to run about $40 more than the comparable PSB center (the C9), but the NHT SC-1 runs the same as the PSB 8C.

I don't think you have a bad choice there, so if you opt for the PSBs, they are also a good choice, but in my personal opinion, I think the NHTs will be enjoyed longer than the PSBs. With an NAD receiver, I suspect you will keep it a lot longer than 5 years, it is that good.

Happy listening!

Hello Hawk,
I went to Saturday Audio Exchange in Chicago on Saturday. I was able to listen to the PSB Image 4Ts and NHT Book Shelves. They didn't have the ST-4s on display. The guy gave made his best offer of $745 for the ST-4s. However he said he'd give a final least price if I would buy then and there. He has a brand new, sealed NHT ST-4 pair.
The NAD762 audio quality was great however the front panel is sooooo paleolithic!!...the algae green power button looked funny to me...pun intended!!

I also had a chance to listen to the B & W DM604 S3 fronts speakers. If I change my thoughts and switch to the Marantz 7300ose combined with the DM604 S3 pair, will the combination match each other performance wise??

Please advise.

Before I finish...THANKS A BUNCH !!!!!

Yes. Although I have never heard the Marantz 7300ose driving B+W 604 s3s, that combo should work just fine. The B+Ws are a little forward sounding and have a slight edge and the Marantz, which is just a tad reserved sounding, should soften any rough edge.

D timps
I too have been looking for a new receiver. I am pretty certain that I will select the Marantz 7400. Since I am in the market for new speakers, does anyone have an opinion on the Definitive Technology Powermonitor 700's for the fronts, the SuperCube ll for a sub, the CLR 2300 center channel and the BP2x's for surrounds? I have heard this system played through the Marantz 7300 (not the 7400) and it absolutely blew me away. I would love some additional input if there is some to share.

Hey Hawk,
I have read a number of your posts and you are a very informed individual. It's nice to see someone of your caliber helping out us "newbies". You can never tell what type of advise you are getting from some of these boards, but your info sounds right on the money. Let me know what you think of the system I am trying to get put together on my previous post. The only addition is the Marantz DV4300 player. I look forward to your input (as well as any others that care to share their wisdom).
Thanks - Dtimps


Thanks for your confidence in me. I have not heard those particular Def Techs--my local Def Tech dealer is actually a chain operation and they never seem to have any speaker in for a long period of time. So while I have heard several Def Tech speakers, I have not yet heard those models.

However, I have heard Def Tech speakers before and have a pretty good idea of what those speakers would sound like (like most quality speaker makers, Def Techs have a "sound" that extends across the line). I think they would be a very good combo with the Marantz receiver.
As I have said before, the Marantz 7300 is a very sweet receiver and I hope that its successor, the 7400, continues with the same sound quality (all of the Marantz dealers in my area are still selling out their x300 stock and even have a few x200s left, so I have yet to see any of the x400s yet). Still, I cannot think of any reason why a Marantz/Def Tech system wouldn't be an excellent system.

Good luck!

You may recall I was on the cusp of purchasing a Marantz 7300. I found a dealer near me that carries NAD and listened to a T762. Although it was difficult to discern a qualitative sonic difference between the two in one listening, I went with the NAD because at 40lbs, it was considerably heavier than the Marantz (having read and heard that weight equates with a higher quality power source). I got it for $900.

Another thing I found out about it is that it's not HDTV compatible (I believe the 763 will be) which means if you run your hd tuner box through the receiver, it won't output the entire band width. But I know many folks prefer to run their set-top boxes directly into their monitor anyway as it's one less filter. So for me that wasn't really an issue.

Anyway, I've only had it few days but love it so far. The fan noise people complain about is virtually inaudible to me.


Most informative! I've read your posts and also agree w/Dtimps. You obviously have done your homework! I too am in market. New home w/home theater (in Great Room). Discovered that my Sony ES has no component outputs to HDTV (Sat Sys) and at present unable to "drive" Klipsch Sub, so... back to drawing board.

I've been reviewing Denon 3803 vs Marantz 7300/7300OSE/7400 and trying to decide which way to go? I like the thought of Component Switching and multi-room capability (though not imperative) - {BTW, my older system (old home) had B&W 601's + Center & NHT Surrounds >> may use Sony or old Mac for those}, do NAD separates accomodate similar functions? Alternate might be to look at Outlaw Audio separates, though in Great Room I will never exceed 5.1 (Klipsch Bookshelf/Sub & Ceiling speakers).

Appreciate your thoughts - note, I have very few options to "listen" to higher-end equipment/ spkrs - not in the sticks but close!



I think you will find that it is HDTV compatible. The component video section has a bandwidth of 30 Mhz, which is more than wide enough to pass a 480i sugnal (which is HDTV). Now, I used to think that was a problem, after all, I have a nice progressive scan DVD player that I want to see 480p from. Well, a dealer recently demo'ed my nice, expensive Sony DVD player and showed how the better picture came from sending an interlaced signal (480i) to the HDTV (which has its own de-interlacer) and letting the TV process up to progressive scan using the TV's internal decoder rather than the decoder in my Sony DVD player! Boy, do I feel burned about buying that Sony progressive scan DVD player!

Besides the Phono input, one of the other major reasons I got my Denon was the 100 Mhz video bandwidth of the component video section. Turns out I don't use it either, prefering to connect directly to the monitor.

Glad to hear you love your receiver--getting the right sound is the purpose of this board.


Hi there Hawk- I now have Totem Acoustic Model One's speakers (one pair) and a Paradigm PS1000 sub. I plan to add rear and center speakers later. Right now I listen to CD's and vinyl records most of the time using an older NAD stereo preamp and Hafler power amp. I too am looking at the NAD and Marantz and Denon receivers mentioned in this thread to allow me to use the system for home theater and SACD uses. I am also concerned about the 4 ohm rating of my Totems. Any suggestions?

Hawk-I meant to say thanks in advance for any help you can give STeve


Yes. Get an NAD while the current generation is being closed out. Both the 752 ($699) and the 762 ($899) are easily capable of handling the 4 ohm rating on your Totems and they just plain sound good enough to be paired with Totem speakers (very nice, BTW), which is not true of many receivers. Neither the Denon (which I have, but not for much longer) nor the Marantz are 4 ohm rated. Since I have not looked at the Totem's impedence curve, I cannot say with any confidence that these two receivers could handle the 4 ohm load anyways. However, the fact that you are looking to expand your system to a full HT system means you are very likely add more Totems (a tough brand to walk away from!). The more 4 ohm speakers you have, the greater the danger that the low impedence will cause a problem for the amp, so stick with the NADs suggested above.

Besides the NADs are a great combo with the Totems! Otherwise, you will have to go with separates.

Hawk-thanks for the input-I really love my old NAD 3020 preamp. Yes Totems are great and I am very attached to them. I appreciate your help. Thanks Steve

Hawk-BTW can you recommend a DVD/CD/SACD player to go with the NAD receiver? At a modest Cost? Thanks again Steve


If you can still find it, look for the Sony DVP-755. I got one about a year ago when it was new and it does a very credible job with SACDs--with DVDs it is quite extraodinary.

I also saw a new Pioneer on the Audio Advisor web page, but I haven't heard it. Nevertheless, they don't sell junk, so it would have my interest, especially for under $200. Check it out here:

Hope this helps.

Thanks again Hawk for the advice. Best Steve


I've been looking quite a while for a so-called 'universal player' that not just do DVD/CD and SACD but also DVD-A (although the latter catalogue is still confidential).

I was about to buy the new Pioneer DV-565, which has pretty much the same specs than its older brother the DV-656, but which only sells for about 300 to 350 EUR.

But I finally headed for the Denon DVD-2900 (1,000 EUR) that reads all formats and that is prog. scan capable as well.

I was specifically looking for a DVD player that would be not too bad at playing CD's. And I must say that I'm very happy with it, whether it is in plain stereo, DD Digital/Dts or in high-resolution multichanel it really sounds great. At least, it is a world of difference compared to my previous DVD player, a Yamaha 510.

I personaly find the Denon is just fine with my Marantz SR 7300 and my KEF KHT 2005.

BTW Hawk, as I've been reading your very informative posts, I was just wondering whether you'd have an opinion on that Denon 2900. I'm especially interested in your comment as I extremely value it. And I'm quite positive, it will help Steve as well. Thks for your time.

PS : I'm not an English-speaking native, so sorry for my bad English...

HAWK and anyone else who would like to help,
Trying to decide between the def tech powermoniter 700's (for my fronts) with the CLR 2300 center channel OR the B&W 705's with the HTM 7 center channel. using a SR 7400 from Marantz and the Dv4300 CD/DVD player from Marantz. Will also hook up the Def Tech super cube II and using the bipolar (BP2X) def tec surounds. Any opinion on the overall set up and am I better off with the Def Tech 700's ot the B&W 705's?? I think the B&W's have a lot more accuracy and the def tech's are much more forgiving. I like the def tech's built in 250 watt subs in the fronts and the centers. I think that both sound very good but think that the B&W's are better quality. Anyone else with opinions, please feel free to chime in.

timps, sorry for a little off topic but how's your marantz 7400? is the build quality ok and what about the sound?

i have one on order as well but hearing some reports that the 7400 is a downgraded unit (in quality) compared to the 7300 is making me go nuts

ive heard the marantz 7300 with the monitor audio B4 and they sound superb (reason why i got the B4 and ordered the 7400), maybe you could try it too and see (or hear) if it would match well with the 7400

I have not had the opportunity to run the 7400 all that much just yet. I had picked up the Def Tech 700's and was just blasting away with them and they had some cosmetic issues with them. When I went in to pick up the replacements the housing was damaged on the new ones. when I picked up ANOTHER pair, these had a severely ripped woofer. I did not pick up another pair. I liked the Def Tech speakers with the 7400 - very warm sounding. I am now leaning towards the B&W 705's but have not made up my mind just yet. Leaving me speaker-less and therefore 7400-less. I will let you know more when I actually get to hear more LOL.


I had not been looking at the A/V scene since 1990 - happy with my Rotel RA612 & Heybrook HB1s (paper cones). Took home a sharp XGNV2 projector, hooked it up to my imac and played DVDs. OK but only got stereo sound. In November I upgraded to 10.3 Panther to get digital 5,1 sound and bought a Marantz7300. I also added Heybrook speaker system including new HB1s and HB0.5s (I switched back to the original speakers - better sound).

Now - Marantz7300 is great - I'd recommend to anyone. I am now looking at a universal DVD player for several reasons. Firstly to play DVD-A and SACD discs. Secondly to upgrade on my 10 year old 1st generation AWAI cd player. Thirdly, to see if I can get a better picture.

The issue is that the projector can accept only HD-15 or S-video input not component. of course, the HD-15 really carries RGB-HV (from the computer). If I buy a DVD player, how do I get prog scan into the projector?

Even if the answer is I cannot, I may buy a multi-disc player anyway to play the audio discs. The likes of the Denon2900 is attractive - but I am not sure that I want to spend that unless I am sure about the benefit. So the new MarantzDV6400 caught my eye - good on paper but only hitting the shops next week (no spec available - even from the Marantz web site!)

The projector problem has all of the "young" shop assistants way out of their depth. I wondered what might happen if I get a low cost DVD multi format progressive player and hook up the component output through a scaler like the Scancom VTB-100 which is a $160 component to VGA/SVGA/XGA scaler. A $1000 DVD player is a lot to spend if the projector cannot show all the "added value"

Thoughts or assistance most welcome.

Sorry guys - I realised after I posted this that I really should have started a new thread - so I did. reply to question titled "Can I get prog scan component signal into a HD-15 SVGA/XGA projector?"

Thanks - Wally

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HAWK and anyone else that would like to help:
I am in a dilema (sp?). I changed my DVD/CD player from the Marantz DV4300 to the DV6400. That is a done deal. I have the Marantz SR7400. That too is a done deal. I have Def. Tech. BP2/X surrounds - again, done deal (but could be changed). Question is:
Do I stay with original idea of Def. Tech. PM (power monitor) 700's (fronts) with the built in 250 watt subs and the Def. Tech. 2300 (center) (again with built in sub) OR go with the new B&W 705's and the new B&W center channel (HTM 7)?? I am not sure what to do and was looking for input. I was hoping someone would say: "what, are you nuts.... you need to go with ....." or "Those Def. Tech.'s are crap and the B&W's are so worth the extra $$$".....HELP
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