NAD T-762 suddenly turns off


Maybe someone could help me with this one...

Current setup: Axiom mt80s and nad t-762

Novice here:

When my nad works, I love it. For some reason though, when I'm playing cd or dvd and I get set the volume somewhat loud, the receiver will just turn off and I have to power back on.

Is this common...i think the receiver is trying to protect itself but why?... when the speakers should be able to handle the receiver or vice versa.

I'm not sure about the guage of the speaker wire i'm running because it isn't marked but I'm going to buy 12 guage (not sure if this will help or not).

Please help me here as I just got this receiver and speakers the other day.

Thanks, MIke

John Allen
Is it really hot when it turns off? Can't really touch the case? There is an overheating cut-out. But you would have to have it on incredibly loud for a long time with a T762 and any normal speakers.

Did the fan kick in?

Was the receiver very hot?

Do you have proper ventilation for the receiver?

The NAD T762 should be able to run those speakers all day without a problem. Unless you play it extremely loud more than 50% all day long. Even then I don't think it would shut down.

Receiver isn't hot at all. I can get it to do it pretty much right away if I crank the volume up loud enough 10+ db on receiver volume.

Sometimes it won't do it all the time. I'm starting to think it may be a setting issue because it seems to happen more often under the coaxial/fiber optic digital setting. I'm wondering if I run a component that isn't using the digital audio output at a high volume when I have the receiver set thinking it is dolby digital that it would cause the receiver to kick off.

Just got this receiver and the axioms hooked up today.

FAN Note: Fan appears to be working all the time...not sure about it actually kicking on at any time. I can here a very slight hum in the back and feel a little air moving out the back. Is there a different fan that comes on when the unit gets hot?

John A.
The fan should not be on all the time. I am pretty sure there is only one fan. It sounds like a faulty unit.

I have an older NAD model. It cut out once, while watching a movie with lots of LFE effects, loud, with speaker settings to make the mains handle the LFE channel. No wonder it got too hot to touch. The cut-out is a safety feature. The unit was OK after switching back on and has been fine ever since. I have never heard the fan come on. If your T762 is new, you should contact the dealer, and take it back.

Those Axiom M-80's are 4ohm speakers. Now if any receiver could handle them it should be the NAD 762. The Axiom folks say the M80 only dips to 4ohms and never lower than that.

From the Axiom site...
You can look at the M80ti's impedance curve at Click on the measurement symbol. The M80ti dips to 4 ohms between 40 and 50 Hz, rises, then remains at 4 or 5 ohms up to about 800 Hz, after which the impedance is much higher out to 20 kHz. It never goes below 4 ohms, but it's definitely a 4-ohm speaker, and it will draw more current at the frequencies where it's impedance hovers around 4 ohms.

Are you using banana plugs or direct wire to the terminals? Make sure no bare wire is touching the unit.

John A.
Good point, GT. An overheating internal component could switch on the fan and throw the safety cut-out long before the whole unit gets really hot. My speakers are 8 Ohm, you could keep food hot on the top of the recevier, but the fan never comes on at all. If I were Mike, and it isn't a simple short-circuit somewhere, I would try either a 2 Ohm or 4 Ohm 50 W resistor in series with the speakers on each channel. Yes, that is safe, there is another current thread on this. If it is truly the impedance, then it should be a problem with Axiom M80ti on other receivers, too. Axiom has a great web site. I see the M80 is their only 4 Ohm model.

Oh...thanks guys. I am using bare wire on both sides to connect the speakers(no banana plugs..which I intend to buy today). I will switch to banana plugs and better guage wire to see if that helps.

Also, maybe having the reciver on digital audio selection when not hooked up to the sources digital audio output also would cause the problem? Not saying I tried to do this intentionally or anything...just seemed to notice receiver cutting off more because of this.

Keep you informed with new wire hookup once I do it later today.

Again, thanks for the help!

John A.
I don't think banana plugs will make any difference. I don't know about the digital audio selection. Usually a receiver detects that, and switches automatically.

You can always introduce more Ohms with longer, or thinner, speaker wire. It won't improve the sound. It may stop the cutting out, though.

Yes, please keep us posted!

Hi, I have had the same with my T762. I have it for 4 days. I played a drumsolo from Saga very loud, and the unit just switched off. It wasn't hot or anything. I think it is just a safety feature of the receiver. My speakers are 4 Ohm. I played it in stereo mode without subwoofer. Maybe it doesn't switch off when "soft clipping" is enabled. Has anyone experience with this?

Blewis and Anonymous,
Return those units and get new ones...make sure you have ones with the updated firmware and not old stock.
The problems you are experiencing are not normal for the type of usage you are describing. i use my T762 harder than that and haven't had it turn off on me yet.

How do I know I have the updated firmware in the t-762?

I also have a message out to NAD in which I descirbed the problem. I'll let you know what they say on this problem.

RE Blewis: Exactly! That's what mine does to the t. Don't have subwoofer...just running stereo mode and have just tried both soft clipping on and off and it did it with both settings.

Don't laugh but I was playing Michael Jackson's Thriller(like the sound effects and and it did it on db level of +7. Wasn't terribly loud but this is ridiculous! My old Carver unit with a pair of AR's could always handle levels like this.

Now i'm starting to get a little discouraged...

You can't compare the old Carvers to the NAD's. The old Carver was a much higher price level than the NAD.

What NAD is trying to do is make their receivers sound as good as the "old Carvers" but have still not hit the right formula in creating an affordable high-end sounding receiver.

Maybe the T7X3 series will be the plateau of quality. Then again they might fall back into the bug trap.

I am anxiously awaiting the testing of the T7X3's

Just to let you guys know...I think my problem may be solved..hasn't cut off in awhile. I had to go into my DVD player and change settings to support digital output. I had the dvd player thinking I was running analog lines when I had it hooked up with coaxial digital output. Not only does everything sound awesome now on my axioms, they also don't cut out on dvd player anymore.

Now, the CD player is still another story as it will still cut out on it at high volumes. It's an old sony 5 disc with only analog out. Funny, same song, Michael Jackson's Thriller(lol...Halloween is coming like the sound effects at beginning :)) cuts off at very beginning with sony cd player but plays fine on same high volume with new sony dvd player.

hmmm..anyway...thought i'd keep you guys posted as you have been of great help.


Love them NAD's

John A.
That is good to hear, Mike. Thanks for the update.

Here is the reply I got back from NAD customer service regarding T-762 suddenly turning off for all who would like to know.

-------------------------------------------------- Thank you for your recent request via the NAD Electronics web-site. I spoke with technical services regarding your questions, and here is their input:
Your unit is protecting itself and in cases like this there is a mod that can be applied to your T762 to prevent this situation. However, this upgrade must be performed by an authorized NAD service center. To locate an authorized service center in your area, please call our customer service department at 1-800-263-4641 ext. 4487 (United States). They will be pleased to assist you.

So, i guess I will have to take mine in if it keeps doing it.


Hi all,

Thanks for all your comments. I will surely go back to the store with it and also ask NAD Netherlands what they can advise me. I noticed that the cooling fans always run very slowly. Also with volume down to zero.
Doesn't matter if you run it loud. When I was auditioning a demo 762 unit in the store, the fans were running faster when the volume was put up. Mine doesn't respond to that, so there is a difference. Its a pity, because I love the sound from it.... Hope it can be fixed.

John A.
Good luck. Please follow up by posting what happens
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