About to pull the trigger on a NAD 752, should I be worried?


I really like the receiver, but I beginning to worry about its reliability. I have heard about humming, cut off problems, and other various glitches. Any advice or thoughts?

John Allen
Buy from a reputable dealer. Keep the warrantee.
Read the instructions. Don't cut corners or over-ride recommendations.
Don't worry. NAD is a quality maker. The dealer will wish to keep its approval, and yours.

I have a Denon that costs a bunch more than an NAD 752, but I would swap it out even up right now if I could. The NAD sounds so much more lifelike and real, and it is a real joy to listen to it.

Perhaps because there are a few of us that express our love for the NAD sound on this board, we have lately been hearing of some complaints about them. But, over the past several months, there have been problems reported with every brand you can think of. I don't think the NADs are any better or worse than any other brand when it comes to reliability. AVRs are complicated products with all kinds of signal processing which means microprocessors and software, so the ocassional clunker must be expected, regardless of brand. However, I also think it is true that the typical NAD buyer is more concious of any small imperfection. In other words, they have higher standards. My brother has a Kenwood which does many of the same things that some NAD owners report on this board as a problem. My brother just doesn't care enough to see them as a problem (go figure!).

I agree with John Allen. I always buy from an authorized dealer, regardless of the brand or product, and I keep a copy of my sales slip so I can get warranty work done wiithout questions.

If you buy NAD, it is because the sound is so much fuller and engaging than your typical run of the mill receiver. If the sound is important, then get an NAD.

John Allen
Totally agree with Hawk. The sound is outstanding for the price. Equally, an NAD is not exactly one-size-fits all, plug-and-play. You have to set it up correctly. The owner manual is an important part of the system. You can get one in any of a wide choice of languages, free, from the NAD web site.

Do not hesitate to get an NAD. You can live with small annoyances it can offer but the bliss and contentment of hearing good sound and music will be far better. Your ears won't hurt after each CD album or DVD movie, I can guarantee that. Other makes may have more functionality and be relatively bug free but the sound.... oh I don't think you can suffer it for the rest of the product's life.

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