Onkyo tx sr600e - sound of voices


Recently I bought an Onkyo tx sr600e receiver. I use it with B&W602s2 front speakers. Surround speakers are still some simple old ones I have. No sub and no center (I bought a very cheap Mordaunt Short 605 center speaker but I did not like the sound of it and moved it to the back center channel). Although the sound in general is great, especially stereo music, I don't like the sound of voices (speech). It is like hearing 2 separate voices together, a low and a high voice. The high part is so articulate that it's almost creaky. This is the case with dvd ("Pulp Fiction", dts, optical) and stereo from the tv/video set ("the news"). I don't have problems with music. A jazzy acapella song from Tuck and Patty sounded terrific. Is this a setup problem? Does anyone have a similar experience? Will a good center speaker solve problems?

Hi R L,

I use sr600 with kef Q65.2 for mains.
while searching for my HT system I audition the
sr600 with the DM602 and DM603.

both the b&w and the onkyo are lacking in the midband (from my experince) and the b&w have over powered bass.

Try try using bass/trable control it may improve sound.

A center speaker will help when using some of the surround formats but remember that it's recomended
to use same brand speakers (same sonic caracter).

you should listen to different speakers with the sr600 and decide for yourself.

(there is always the posebility that there is somthin wrong with your equiptment but I don't think this is the case).

good luck
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