JVC RX DP10 - Does anybody know this receiver?


Any feedback on this receiver would be greatly appreciated. I have auditioned the DP20 which sounds great and has a lot of bang for the buck, but I have been offered the DP10 at half retail as it is the runout model. I believe it is very similar to the DP20 but would love to hear from someone who knows. I am not going to be given the opportunity to audition this receiver...

I realise that JVC may not be considered as in the same realms as Marantz, Denon, Pioneer Elite etc, however the DP20 is creating a little stir over here at the moment and is considered equivalent to many $2500US receivers. Is this true? I'm not sure what to believe. If it is, the deal i'm getting on the DP10 would be amazing.

Please help!

How much is the DP20 going for? Unless you can get the DP9 or DP10 dirt cheap I would'nt buy one just because they don't have Dolby Pro-Logic II or NEO:6 & on the DP9 & 10 they have "Line Direct" instead of "Analog Direct" The new DP20 has "Analog Direct" Also on the DP10 & 9 you also can't turn off parts of the THX Processing ON it's either "all" ON or "all" OFF. I'm not sure how the DP20 handles the "THX" Processing but hopefully JVC fixed it on the DP20. As far as sound goes from the reviews I've read the DP9 & DP10 were very good. Oh, the DP20 also is a THX Ultra 2 Receiver & it upconverts Composite & S-Video to Component Video the DP10 is a THX ULTRA receiver & the DP9 is a THX SELECT receiver. Again, without Prologic II & NEO:6 the 9 & 10 seem dated.

I can pick up the DP10 for a third of the price of the 20. That's not bad...

Thanks for your help, I leaning towards Nad again. This is such a frustrating decision... I'm looking forward to just sitting on my couch and listening to my Klipsh reference series on a fantastic receiver made by .........
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