I bought a new T532 I have a ? about optical input...


Sorry about posting this question here but I need some help.

My new NAD DVD player didn't come with one of those inactive plugs in the digital input and when I play my cd's and dvd's you can see the red light coming from the back of the player.

If I'm not using the optical (I'm using analog) should that protector piece be in there to keep dust and dirt out of the input? I've seen a protector piece on other less expensive players and I'm wondering if NAD forgot to ship my player with it installed.

Thanks, John

It should have been there for sure, just put a piece of tape to cover it and it'll be ok, are you using direct 5.1?

Thanks Gal. I looked around the shelf that my player was on and I found it. It wasen't like that for more than 2 weeks so I should be OK.

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