DualDisc Hybrids Officially Approved by the DVD Forum


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This is great news for hi-re audio enthusiasts. Hopefully, this will see larger acceptance and many more recordings.


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Thanks for the link. That's great news. Wonder when they'll go on the market.

So far, my hi-res format of choice has been hybrid SACDs because of the capability to play them on any CD player. The dual disc DVD-A would now make it equally convenient.

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Whoo-hoo!! This addresses my concerns about the "ripping" problems I've encountered. Unless, of course, that pesky little fingerprint play button shows up. If that comment is confusing, take a look at this thread

Thanks, MR!

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In a statement issued to High Fidelity Review, Bike H. Suzuki of JVC and Chairman of WG-4 said: "DualDisc is officially approved by [the] DVD Forum."

It is irritating that the article does not say WHEN the statement was issued. Also "exclusive" often means "unconfirmed" - it is a self-serving plug for HFR. DVD/CD hybrids have been possible for years. There are some already. I recall Gregory has one, I forget the title.

It is a great idea, but has been possible for some time.
There is nothing recent from the DVd Forum itself, see e.g.


What has actually changed?


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John A

I agree: it would be nice to know when they plan to produce these. But, at least there is a plan and that offers hope, both for convenience and for expanding the hi-res market.
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