Help, Marantz SR6300 or SR7200


I have read here that the 7200 or the whole "200" series had some problems.
Should I take the 6300 even though it is the 6 and not the 7?
Thank you for any help

I believe any x300 denotes a newer model. The 7 means it is a higher up model then the 6. So getting the 7300 would be better then the 6300 and both would be better then the 7200 as some x200 models had bugs. (Assumption is not guaranteed, just what I've read)

The 7200 had poor multichannel power ratings that even David Ranada in Sound & Vison complained about and they love everything! The 7300 has a better power supply so go with the 300 series if you are set on Marantz. If you are open to other brands but like the mellow quality like Marantz consider Elite, NAD, or H/K.

Thanks, well I was set on the Marantz line actually because of there Retro look, BUT if they are not as good as others please let me know, can I go wrong with Marantz?
Thanks you again

You can go wrong with ANY receiver thats why in order to get it right, what brand of speakers do you have?

I have JBL satellites, but I want to change them to something of higher grade in the near future.
I was regarding the electronics and quality?

The 300 series are supposed to be a lot better than the 200s. I think the production plant was changed as well as internal design changes.

The current Marantz range is the 400 series, so you should be able to pick up a 300 for a resonable price.

The current Marantz line is the 300 series. The 8300 came out just a few months ago. As to your above question I don't think you can go wrong with Marantz if when you upgrade your speakers you go with something on the lively side like Monitor Audio. The Marantz receivers are pretty laid back as are the other brands I mentioned before. That is the sound I like but you have to hear for yourself, of course. I would not say any of these brands are better than the others, I like them all but own a Elite vsx45 because it has better input flexibility and looks and sounds great. Try to audition as many as you can with your own music and movies. Good luck.


It sounds like you have seen that the 6300 and the 7200 have the same price at This is tough as the 7200 had wonderful output stages, but a poor power supply. Yet, the quality of the output stages in the 7200 is better than the 6300s if you have very efficient speakers so that you can really hear them.

If your new speakers are efficient, say a sensitivity rating of 89 db or higher, I would go with the 7200. If not, get the 6300.

Elitefan, we are both right. I checked the website and the current lineup is:

SR5400 OSE

The SR8300 and 9300 are marked as New.

Hawk, sorry but what do you meen output stages? Signal to Noise Ratio? or just the output power?

hawk?? I will appreciate your knowledge


Output stages are basically the amp section without the power supply. In this case, the 7200 has really nice output transistors and they don't perform as well as they are capable because some numb-nuts specified a power supply that did not produce enough current. So if high power is not necessary, the 7200 will sound very nice. But it will suffer if you need a lot of current for your speakers.

Now, the JBLs are pretty efficient, as I recall, so you don't need the juice for your current speakers. But you also indicated a desire to change your speakers to something unknown at this time. Therefore, I recommend the 6300 over the 7200 for you. If you can stretch for the 7300, do so. It is worth the extra cash.

Thank you very much

The 7200 is $995 now at eCost. Awesome price.


I assume you are talking about a Harman/Kardon 7200, for which $995 would be a good price. However, this discussion refers to a Marantz 7200, which has a MSRP of $895.

Oops, my bad. You are right, Hawk. I meant the Harman. I thought that was what the thread was about. Harman vs Marantz. :)
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