The color of subtitle fonts is changing...!!


I just bought a brandnew Rotel 1060 DVD video/audio player.
When I am watching a movie with subtitles, after a few minutes of normal viewing the white fonts of the subtitles TURN INTO GREEN FONTS!!!, readable but anoying!!...and they remain green until I either pause or stop the player , once I press resume or play they will immediatley go back to white fonts.

If the original subtitle fonts are yellow, they turn into DARK PURPLE FONTS!!!, impossible to read!!..same thing to turne them back to yellow.

Has anyone experienced a problem like this before?

The two discs I tried are: RainMan (white fonts turning green) and Traffic (yellow fonts turning purple).

Yes i have the same problem. From beginnig to the end, i read the annoying green subtitles.i don't know how to solve that problem!! If you find something please inform me!!
Halil Örtmen
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