Power Conditioning using a Monster PowerCenter HTS 2600


Is there a need for Power Conditioning? I have a Yamaha RXV3300 Receiver and I have a sales rep trying to sell me a Monster PowerCenter HTS 2600 to go along with it. I am having a tough time finding anything to justify the cost. Any thoughts? Are they really necesary on a home system?

I beleive it helps, but the benifits are minimal. I use an APC 7 outlet strip for my system, cost $45. Good surge protection and if it gets toasted by a lightning strike, shelling out another $45 for a new one ain't a big deal.

Power conditioning is pointless. Surge protection is useful insurance and not expensive.

All your electronics use a transformer to change the AC current from the wall to usable DC current in your components. To even potentially get a benefit (if a benefit was even possible) you would have to crack open each component and put a line conditioner after the transformer. As a line conditioner won't fit inside your receiver or CD player and would void the warranty don't waste your money.
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