Onkyo TX-SR701 known issues ?


Alright my HK experience didn't go so well. The 525 kept shutting down for no good reason. I talked with tech support but to no avail.
So now I'm thinking Onkyo. Had em in the past and liked em.

I'm not exactly an audiophile, my wife won't allow that kind of money to be spent on "stereo", besides I'm a civil servant, hey what ya gonna do!
But I would like some decent sound.
I know I'll take some sh*t for this but I'm using Polk speakers all around, and no not the top of the line.

Is it too much to ask for a system that can handle music and basic HT without breaking down?

I went to my brother's house the other day and enjoyed some Frank Sinatra on his Best Buy Aiwa
$120.00 shelf "system" and had to eat humble pie because it didn't sound too bad, certainly better than my still in the works couple of thousand dollar "system" that is currently devoid of a receiver.

So any major problems with the 701?

Thanks in advance for the help.


I have heard nothing but good about the 701. The Perfect Vision gave it a glowing review a couple issues back. They described the sound as somewhat on the darker side [a good thing IMO] with plenty of power and easy to use. If you have liked Onkyo in the past this is a good unit for you. I to have had Onkyo's in the past and liked them very much. I currently have a Elite vsx45 but if not I would have the Onkyo 800 in all probability.

I bought one from Circuit City, got a great deal in it and returned it after 29 days. I just didn't think it had enough power and when you have to turn it up to volume level 85 to hear and the max is 89, you don't have much room to go any louder. I started reading some other reviews and sure enough, people had many of the same thoughts and feelings as what I was experiencing at home.

Now, that all being said, I am very new to this too and I am still shopping for a receiver as well. I am running Klipsch Reference KLF 20s and their center KSF-C5 with a Boston Acoustics Sub. Not sure if this helps you, but if you buy one, make sure you have a 30 day return policy incase you find it is not powerful enough.
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