Bi-amp unused amps in 7.1 receiver


I was reading an interesting thread on another BBS about how to bi-amp the front left and right speakers using the extra two amplifiers in a 7 channel receiver. Of course this only makes sense in a 5.1 setup where you don't use the multi-room capability.

Basically, connect the l&r speaker outputs to the high-frequency l&r speaker posts (remove straps on speakers:)). Then connect the left and right pre-amp outs to the unused analog l&r signal inputs for some device, then using the multi-room capability assign this input to multi-room amplifiers and connect the sbl&sbr speaker outputs to the low-frequency l&r speaker posts.

Has anybody tried this? It seems like it should have some benefits especially in 2-channel stereo listening.


That's not exactly bi-amping. There is a cross-over and a correctly tracking volume control missing.

You could do a highpass cross-over to the treeter and midrange by setting the main fronts to small. Setting Zone-2 to lowpass 80 Hz on down would be dificult. I here Kenwood or Pioneer makes one receiver that can do it. But I haven't seen it. The electronic crossover is the primary advantage of biamping.

Then there's the volume tracking. You would be turning the main and zone-2 volumes up seperately. Keeping them tracking relative to each other would be very dificult.

What might work would be to send the subwoofer line-out to the one of the additional channels (6 or 7) line-in. All that would be required is a receiver with pre-amp inputs for teh 6th or 7th channel (this is different than the "6 channel direct" inputs). The receiver has a cross-over and the pre-amp output is after the volume control.

Hope this helps.
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