A scary NAD review (T742)


Well, I'm sorry to post another one of those NAD newbie topic related kind of discussion but I couldn't help it. I was reading a review from the what video mag and here is what the guy said :
The setup system clearly wasn't
designed by anyone who had to
use it in anger. All
that can be said is that what should
have been a 5min setup took an
age, using an arcane combination
of the Setup button and volume
control, and a rapid time-out
which meant constantly going
back in through the front door
to make and remake selections.

From what I had read before, NAD were selling simplicity and sound quality. This is not too reassuring in terms of ease of use. Next came this statement :

some of
its rivals handle the complexities
of a busy soundtrack much better.
The Pioneer VSX-D912 and Yamaha
RX-V540RDS are notably superior
in this respect.

That's pretty scary. I mean, those 2 receiver mentioned up there are pretty much cheaper than the NAD and are loaded with much more feature (albeit useless but still).

Don't get me wrong, I don't want to argue about NAD's being great products (heard them myself and fell in love). I am just not an audio maniac who had enough time to really do hardcore benchmark. Is this review completely wrong ? I guess a T752 would fix the simplicity issue with OSD.

Thanks a lot !


Just adding this. this is the closing statement :

3 out of 5
Subtle and precise, but can't
do justice to really complex
multichannel soundtracks

I have had the 742 for a few weeks now and Im thrilled with the sound quality and performance.
I did not have any problems setting up the system. Yes the setup & volume control combo setup is a bit painful, but how often would you change these settings?
While OSD is a great help in setup, we should keep in mind that we are setting up an audio system - so your ears should be the prime sensor... go by what you hear and what suits you.

While the two other systems mentioned have more features and settings - they are more frills than necessities. On pure audio quality they are not on the same comparison scale.

Finally on the 752, yes it does have more features... I would have got one if my budget allowed especially for the bass management.
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