Please help I nead to make a decision


Hi All thank you for taking the time
I want to buy a receiver any day now and my final 2 are Onkyo600 and Marantz4300 (over here the Onkyo is only 20$ more expensive)
How would you compare the 2?
I noticed that the Marantz actually has 6.1 In+Out and the Onkyo has only 5.1 In and Sub out. Is this a big factor?
Is the Onkyo electronics better than Marantz?
Your help will be appreciated

oooh tough call, but for me and with all things being equal I will go for the component that has potential for expansion. With the Marantz having 6.1 capability, I'd go for it, just because it's nice to know I have the option. To some it's a big factor, to some purists, they like to stick with what they know such as 5.1, and think that this is all you need. There are different schools of thought on this matter. Some say that 6.1 or 7.1 is just a fad and it will pass because, it is "too much". But then again there are those who think that the 8 track will be here to stay. If you are old enough to remember, there was a time when they were raving about the new thing called quadrasonic/quadraphonic stereo, the set up would be a phonograph player, a receiver and four speakers surrounding the listener. They would put this demo vinyl record and it would play the sound of a steam locomotive and you can hear the sound going around the room. My father had such a unit and I remember beholding one of the first Harman/Kardon surround sound receivers even before they were called "surround sound". I remember that sucker being heavy, a slide tuner that glowed green and orange and a very distinct "joystick" to control the balance of all four huge TDL speakers, surrounding our living room.
Everyone thought that was a fad and there was not a lot of vinyl manufactured that had the mark "quadraphonic". But I digress, what I'm saying is you may want to expand one day, at least you will have the option.
Either way, you can not go wrong with the Marantz, unless someone on this board had bad experiences with this unit.

Berny, thanks Its just that you miss understood or I didn't explain myself good, both receivers are 6.1 Just that the Marants has 6.1 external Input + 6.1 pre-out while the Onkyo being 6.1 as well it only has 5.1 external input + only sub pr-out.
Do Onkyo have better power supplies than Marantz?
thank you

well then, that pretty much sums it up for me...I would go with the Marantz, because of the pre-outs, which means, finances allowing, you will be able to upgrade to separates, using your Marantz as a pre/pro. Just imagine, being able to hook-up a dedicated power amp for each pre-out. A mono block amplifier for each output or 1 Outlaw 7100, 7 channel power amplifier...sweet!

Marantz generally get a good write up elsewhere on these boards, particularly if you want to play music through it.

How about power supplies are they both high-curent amps?

please, just about the power supplies and what advantage does the Onkyo DSP give?Marantz has only DSP for surround modes?and again which has better power supplies or are they the same?


Marantz is definitly better, see this chart and se how weak the Onkyo's power supplys are... even Onkyo's Integra line is junk 39 watts. Anyways I would go with the Marantz. Onkyo says "high current"but they arent its marketing scam.

I don't know if this goeas for all the Onkyo products, I saw the rating on the Integra but the Onkyos are good also for the Marantz so...., Asuming that this is fixed on both Onkyo and Marantz which would have the better power supply?
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