Nakamichi better SQ in stereo than NAD T752?


I have resisted replacing my Nakamichi stereo receiver 3 which is now 13 years old. It still works flawlessly and now with my new Monitor Audio B2's sounds better than ever. I have no complaints with my setup in stereo mode.

I watch movies about 10% of the time. The bass when playing DVD's is lacking for instance when explosions hit the bass is noticably missing. Maybe I'd hook up my small Boston Acoustics as rear channels but not really necessary.

So is the NAD T752 gonna sound better for my main media, CD's? I know some of you had the pleasure of listening to the old Nak's so this question is really for the older board guru's. No offense.

As I remember the old Nak receivers (man, I am showing my age, here!), the NAD and the Naks share some similarities and have some differences. The similarites are that the sound is very clean and focused--absolutely no fuzziness or imprecision. The soundstage is very precise and you know where the instruments are on stage with a good recording.

The difference to me, however, is that the NAD is a bit warmer sounding. I remember the Naks as being a little "clinical" sounding. Not bad, but just a tad too cold for my tastes. The NAD is just a bit warm (when compared to a theoretical "neutral"), but hasn't lost that clean and focused sound either. I read a phrase in some marketing literature from a speaker maker that I think applies here: The NADs, like the old Naks, do "a better job of resolving the sound." In fact, I remember when I first heard an NAD AVR (742) for the first time this past spring, I thought that the image reminded me of the old Naks, unlike the Denon, Onkyo and H/K I was comparing it to. So, I think you might be surprised how similar it is. I can't say that about any other AVR except Rotels, which sound very much like the old Naks.

Thanks, Brother Hawk.

I'll stay with my old Nak till the new NAD lineup is in the market. I'm pretty excited and can't wait to hear the new Txx3's. I hope they learned from their previous mistakes and will be a top contender again.

I was 27 years old when I bought my first Nak TA-2 then I bought my Nak Receiver 3 when I was 29.
I think you're right on about the similarities. I want an AV receiver that will last as long or longer than the old Nak's though and I'm hoping the Txx3's will be my next great receiver.
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