Onkyo 601 vs Denon AVR 1803 vs Marantz 4300 or 5300?


Jarrod Kris
Hi Everyone,

I am just about to purchase some Krix symphonix mains, centre and rears speakers. I was wondering which out of the Onkyo 601 or Denon AVR 1803 or Marantz 4300 or 5300 i should go for. I heard Onkyo is better then Denon 1803 because it can run true higher current levels. While i also heard that Onkyo and Marantz are the top two in the market. I would love it if i could get some professional heplp.

thanx jarrod.


I was just listening to those speakers yesterday! They are marvelous--I told the salesman demonstrating them (I was there 2 1/2 hours!) that I could listen to Krix speakers all day and not get tired of listening. Great choice!

Hey, the Krix are a little "cool" sounding and I think they need something a little warmer to bring out their best sound. Of the receivers you listed, get the Marantz 5300. Definitely a step up sonically from the 4300 and a much warmer amp than either the Denon or the Onkyo. An NAD 742 would sound even better for about the same price, but the Marantz is good, too. The Denon is a little too dry for those speakers and the Onkyo just isn't dynamic enough, in my mind, to be a good match for the Krix.

Good luck!

Hi Hawk, Jarrod Kris,
If Krix is the choice for NAD/Marantz, would like to know how you fare for Monitor Audio Silver S6 or PSB Image T5? If you will to choose between MA Silver S6 or PSB Image T5, which one will you lean towards for NAD/Marantz.


If I understand your question right, I would recommend the Marantz as the best receiver for the Monitor Audio Silvers and the NAD sounds the best with the PSBs. Those combos sound best to my ears (...but your mileage may vary!).

Hi Kawk,
Thank you for your valuable feedback. I like the sound of MA but not PSB and I trust you flavor on NAD but it is not possible to hear the combination. Will it workout if I match MA Silver with NAD. I feel that MA has good bass, strength and clarity. Please advice.
Anyway, I saw T763 already in shop. I might go for that, or Marantz SR7400.


Yes, I do think the NAD would be a good combo with the Monitor Audio Silvers. My first impression was that the Marantz probably made a better combo with the MA Silvers, but I was told on Friday that may not be the case. I have a dealer friend (in another town) who sells a lot of the NAD/MA Silver combo, usually the NAD T762 with the Silver 6s or Silver 8s. He tells me that it is a very popular package as many buyers who want the larger Silvers opt for the NAD in that price category over the Denon and Pioneer Elite lines which he also carries. I was a bit surprised, but he would know better than I. He thinks it is a killer combo.

I also have to admit that I have never heard the MA Silvers driven by a Marantz receiver. Where I shop for Marantz, they have speaker lines like KEF, NHT, Quad, AE, and Mordant Short. I have to interpret what I have heard from Marantz with what I have heard of the Silvers and estimate what the resulting sound would be like. There is no question in my mind that the Marantz/MA Silver combo would be a very good one, but the NAD would work just as well.

I am confused between denon and onkyo av reciver suggest me which 6.1 i should go for and how is sony's str va 555?

I seriously think you should go for high models. Apparrently, lower end models are all made in China (at least for NAD and Marantz). My SR4300 fried my speakers and another forumer's SR5300 fried his too. Some folks have complained various problems with their NAD T752 and T752 too.

My Marantz is made in China with Chinese components. The capacitors used are all Chinese brands. I did see PHB Voltage regulators. PHB is a brand used on budget computer mainboards. Better brands like Asustek uses NEC or ON Semi etc.

I think the only Japanese components are the main transistors which are Toshiba. I remeber seeing some Mitsubishi ICs on the decoder board as well.

For Made in Japan ones, I believe we will see brands like Nichicon, Sanyo, Rubycon capacitors and they are far more reliable than those Chinese or Taiwanese made ones.
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