Dynaudio Audience 42 vs B+W 602 S3 for NAD T752/762


Hi all,

It's me again. Pretty firm on the NAD by now. Just have to pick one up. :P

I was fairly firm on the 602 S3 + LCR 60 + 600 S3, but just want to see if anyone has comments on these Dynaudio. I liked the sound of both, but hard to compare as they're from different dealers.

I like their smaller footprint but initially stayed away due to 1) higher price vs B+W and 2) rear ports may be an issue since I'll be placing the fronts very close to a glass balcony door & corner wall. But now I heard even the B+Ws may give me problems if they're so close to the wall.

Apartment size is 21'x13' not counting a semi-open kitchen.




I have B+W 601s, so I have a good idea on the sound coming from the 602s. However, I really like the Dynaudios a lot, so I can understand your interest. However, given the fact that you have to stand mount the speakers close to a glass door, I would get the B+Ws, simply because they have a front mounted port. It is the port that creates much of the problem when speakers are too close to boundary walls. Having a rear mounted port means that the bass information gets reinforced more and can make the sound boomy and unfocused. You will have fewer problems with the B+Ws so I think that is the better solution for your situation.
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