Would you compare Marantz with HK?


Do they have the same power?
Same level?

Hello gal,
NO, NO, NO and no...H/K crushes Marantz, not the old Marantz USA, but the new Marantz stuff is not up to par with the old Marantz. Marantz may rate their watts higher but like others it usually falls short of producing those watts with All channels active...But Marantz IS better than say, Sony, JVC, etc...


I have to disagree with my friend Max. I really like the Marantz line, now, especially the 7300 which I think is a really special sounding receiver. I would get one myself if I wasn't getting 4 ohm speakers.

But both H/K and Marantz are very good brands making very capable, high quality receivers. I don't think you go wrong with either one. It is more important that you consider what speakers the receiver will be powering.

Really??? hmmm I may have to check out that 7300!! I just thought they had alot of malfunction issues.. I know they have the sound quality, I just was weary of their build quality.
Who carries Marantz? I seem to have trouble finding them. Thank you Hawk for the insight!

OneCall, if you are near Spokane, WA and Harvey Electronics in the tristate area are two dealers. I am sure there are other dealers

dealer locator


It is definitely true that the x200 series of Marantz receivers had some real problems (i.e., the 7200), but the x300s seem to have the problems solved and have been very good. I recommend them. So, there is no question that you are correct about past build issues, but I don't think that is true now.

I had one major dealer near me drop the Yamaha line just to bring in the Marantz line, both because they didn't like the sound of the Yamahas and because they were satified that Marantz now has its act together (now that they are part of Denon).
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