NAD T752 VS NAD T762 (VS 753 ?) Please help :)



I know this must have been asked half a milion times before but since I couldn't find any thread, I'm asking : Is there any major difference is sound quality between T752 and T762 ? I am aware of the different tech specs but nothing indicates major differences. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance :)


One has 5 x 80 watts and the other has 6 x 100 watts. Unless you need the extra channel of amplification and your speakers are inefficient or very power hungry, there should be no difference in sound quality. It mainly depends on that and if you want the feature set on the more expensive model, but the basic sound is identical.

I agree with G-Man. I have been listening to these two receivers for some time and cannot tell any major differences in sound between the 752 and the 762. I would doubt that the 753 will be any different.

From what I can discern, they have the same pre/pro section and the only differences are in the amp section, where you have one more channel in the 762 plus a larger, higher qulity power supply.

So, I think G-Man has it right. Unless you have inefficient speakers or need the 6.1 capability of the 762, it seems to me that the 752 is plenty good enough as they sound the same.

THanks a lot guys. I just realised I was more wondering about the difference in sound quality between T742 and T752. Still great to know that the T752 sounds as great a the T762 :) Again, thanks for all the info !


John A.
It is the same step-down to less power; the T742 has 5 x 50 W. If you drive normal speakers in an average room you will never get near max power and hear distortion on any of those models; you won't tell the difference. However, if you have huge and power-hungry, low-effeciency speakers set up in a large hall, you will only get high volumes from the T742 by running it near its limits, and you should then get a T762. It's like car horsepower. A Ferrari is OK for nipping down to the shop, and the journey time will be the same as in a small car that costs less. But you might rather be in a Ferrari on a German autobahn where there is no speed limit.

I realize that the 752 is a 5x80W. However it can decode 6.1 DTS ES, can it not? So with powered rear speakers you could create a 6.1 system with a T752!?


The 752 has preamp outputs for channel 6 and 7. In order to use these channels you can either buy a second stereo amp or use powered speakers.


Regarding TCSmith's comment:

How would you connect an extra set of powered speakers to the T752 to get 7.1 sound?

Do the preamp outputs also have a direct connection for speakers, as opposed to connections for an external amplifier?

Sorry, but I am a bit new to using preamp outs...



The 752 is perfectly capable of 7.1 channel sound, but you need an external amp to power the two extra channels. The 752 has a 12v trigger which will turn on an external amp and the signal from the pre-amp is connected to the external amp, which powers the extra pair of speakers.

Thanks Hawk.

So you can't hook powered speakers directly up to the 752 for the two extra channels, which is one of the two options mentioned by TCSmith?

I might get a Marantz SR-7300 (6mth old demo in v. good condition for $550ish + shipping, including a three year warranty).
The only things making me hesitate are:
1)the NAD T752 might be better sonically, although I don't know if I would feel I was missing much unless I listened to them side by side.
2) I have wanted a NAD for a while...

The Marantz has the benefit of
- an extra powered channel
- lower price ~$550 vs $699, although the NAD price is for a brand new unit (didn't see any demos or refurbs with warranty)
- POSSIBLY less bugs and/or higher reliability, although I can't confirm this.

Decisions, decisions :)

Paul T
avdude I understand your worry of bugs/higher reliability, also worries me a bit with the NAD for when I finally have to decide I will have to deal online since there isn't a NAD dealer anywhere near me. Marantz and Outlaw have been my other two choices and I noticed the Marantz SR5300 is available "new" not reconditioned for $559., correct me if I am wrong but seems the only difference in the two is the SR5300 has 15 wpc less.. Just a thought


Actually it is 25 WPC less. I just checked (85W vs. 110W)
I haven't checked the exact differences between the two, so you could be right.

I am going to make my mind up this weekend...
I bought a cheap Pioneer DVD-Audio/SACD DVD player today.
My Sony DVD changer supports SACD, but not
I will use the Pioneer just for music, and the changer for my movies.

Now I just need a new HT receiver and some cables: multi channel, high resolution audio here I come...
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