Speakers for NAD T752


George Cooper
Hi all,

I'm going to purchase the NAD T752, can anyone suggest a speaker brand or speaker system that would match (80% Movies, 20% Music)???

George Cooper
Still waiting for a reply from all the NAD lovers out there!!!

Why don't you scroll down the page and search for it. It's been told over and over again, even I'm getting tired of hearing it!! :)


What is your room size and what is your budget? Additionally, do you want bookshelf or floor-standers?

George Cooper

My room size is 5m x 7m, my budget is around $1500 and I would prefer floor standing fronts.

I'm considering pairing a NAD T752 with Klipsch speakers. Considering what I have heard re: Klipsch's sound, would this be a good combination? Please help.

John A.
Kef and B&W are a good choice, but there are many others. Magnepan are recommended elsewhere by Hawk and others: these speakers apparently have great sound but are picky about receivers/amps; one make Magnepan speakers really like, because of impedence matching, is NAD. There are many manufacturers of fine speakers. People will recommend things they are happy with, mostly. In my opinion it does not matter at all whether your priority is movies or music.


Nice sized room! No wonder you want floorstanders.

Well, I am going to make several recommendations, but I agree with John A. that the NAD is a pretty versatile amp which can work well with a lot of different brands of speakers. However, I didn't do a good job of asking my question as I don't know if your budget is only for fronts or is it $1500 for the whole 5.1 system? To begin, I am going to guess you meant the latter.

1. Magnepan MMGs: Available directly from Magnepan (check them out at www.magnepan.com) for $550 for the pair, delivered, and they come with a 60 day trial period. (if you want to hear them first, check out the MG12s at your local Magnepan dealer). A better speaker than almost anything else under $1000, especially for a music lover. Creates a fantastic 3-D soundstage. Works well with HT as these speakers are very fast, as well. I understand they are coming out with a matching center speaker and surrounds, as well.

2. Athena FS-B2s: Also $550 for the pair. Fast and very dynamic, they are a very good speaker with a good soundstage and very accurate. Also have a complete line where you can fill out the 5.1 system easily with compliemntary matching speakers (center and surrounds). An excellent value.

3. PSB Image 5Ts: A little more laid back than either of the first two speakers, but a great value. Very smooth and accurate, it has great imaging, as well. MSRP is $799, but you can generally get them for 20% off.

Now, in the event you want to spend around $1500 for a pair of floorstanders to start your system, I have a few suggestions here, as well.

1. Dynaudio Audience 62: MSRP of $1199. Superb speaker with a very dynamic and accurate image. I consider this speaker to be among the most "neutral" I have ever heard as there is virtually no coloration of the sound from the speaker.

2. PSB Stratus Silver-i: MSRP is $2000, but I have seen them at DMC Electronics (www.dmc-electronics.com) for $1399 for the pair in a beautiful gloss piano black finish. Very accurate speaker with a lot of dynamic power. Smooth, and a little laid back in the sound, but it is the kind of speaker that you can listen to all day withour fatigue.

3. Monitor Audio Silver S8s: A brighter, more forward speaker than the PSBs, but a very dynamic and exciting speaker which works very well for HT applications. MSRP is $1499.

4. Magnepan MG 1.6s: MSRP is about $1600, but worth every penny. Fast and accurate like the smaller MMGs, with incredible imaging, the 1.6s go lower and may be the closest you can ever get to actually "being there."


Quick correction-

Hawk more than likely meant the Athena AS-F2s, they run $550-$600/pair. The B2s are bookshelf speakers and run approximately $250-$275/pair.


You are correct--I meant the AS-F2s. Thanks.

George Cooper
Hawk and Others,

What about a sub???

George Cooper
Hawk and Others,

Just listened to some subs and spoke to a few friends, I was quite impressed with the Velodyne VX-10 (not too boomy and good clear response), is this a good choice for the NAD and my room size?

George Cooper
Are you still there guys???


Unfortunately, I have a "honey do" list that needs attention from time to time! Sorry I wasn't around.

Hey, DAllen loves his VX10. Since I have not heard one, I cannot comment, excpet to say that anything done by Velodyne is probably pretty good.

However, I think I would worry about the sub last as it needs to be purchased after you know what you need to fill in on your main speakers. so choose some speakers and then you can worry about the sub.

George Cooper

Thanks for your excellent advice, after a bit more research and few more shop visits, I have decided to go with the T752, Athena F's,C & R's and a HSU Research VFT-2 sub. I'm yet to hear the sub, but if it's anything like the reviews it should easily make the grade (it's a steal for the price).




Sounds like an awesome system! I think they are very good choices. Congrats.


I'm building the exact system. NAD 752 and Athena's all around. I still have to get the centre and sub.

Point of interest..NAD "EARS" surround option does not appear if you have the centre speaker set to off. This makes sense once you think of it. Ijust thought I'd stop someone else from having an anxiety attack when trying to find a surround mode that disappears.

I haven't bought the sub yet and am curious why you didn't go with the Athena P400.

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