Monday, September 22, 2003 - 05:19 pm
HELP!! I have a system based on NAD T762 and M&K speakers and purchased a Pioneer Elite 300+1 Cd player. Player played fine for brief period (hours) and then we started getting a GOD-AWFULL THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP sound and NO music. THUMP would stop momentarily and music played when changing audio input (is hooked up via optical cord), but then the THUMP resumed nearly immediately. The rub is I had a Pioneer 50+1 NON ELITE prior to this hooked up to the NAD and it did the same thing. Was told by a repair shop that the Pioneer processor had gone "BAD." Does ANYBODY have ANY suggestions (SHORT OF GETTING RID OF THE PIONEER OR THE NAD) and what the problem coud be. the OLDER Pioneer had been hooked up via ANALOG cable, so confused as to WHY I would get the same problem optical AND analog. Also, when the THUMPing is going on, the CD counter continues as if the music is still playing. Right now my NAD dealer has my Pioneer Cd player and is seeing how it works with his other NADs. ANY suggestions or observations would be appreciated.

Buy a decent CD player. You get a toy, and it breaks. You buy an audiophile quality CD player and it lasts and gives you many hours of enjoyment.

What on earth would you buy a juke box for a NAD T762? Hahahahaha

Does anonymous mean you don't have the courage of your convictions? Faceless postings have no validity. i asked for a meaningful response. I had the feeling that it is the NAd that is at fault. not the "JUKE BOX." I bougth the Pioneer because I wanted multiple storage, not have to drag out the cd's every time I want to listen. Nobody else makes them anymore. Yamaha used to, but no longer. So, anonymous, unless you have a good faith response with constructive ideas, don' t bother.

This site once was enjoyable,one you could get some real help and advise. It has now been taken over by a lot rather snobish people who think only the equipiment they own is worth looking at, such as Nad. They back up what they say with half truths and what they say are facts but are many times far from it. The Pioneer Elite is a fine product but you made the ultimate mistake of trying to say there may be a fault with the Nad. That almost borders on blasphemy on this site. I wish I could help but I have never owned a Nad and probably never will just for GP.
good luck I hope you get the problem worked out.


One way you can verify if the Pioneer indeed has gone bad is by trying it on another system or if possible get a cd player from say circuitcity and try it with your system. That way you can eliminate possible causes.

Did you try changing interconnects?


In reading your post, I am not clear on whether the problem is with the CD player or the receiver. You certainly need to isolate the problem before deciding what needs to be done. I have never heard of this problem before, regardless of the brands involved.

Have you tried connecting the CD player with another line level input on the receiver (not the CD input), using analog cables?

Sorry I can't help you but I just wanted to comment on something. I really get angry when "anonymous" people go and talk crap. If your gonna talk crap be a man and state your name. Its like hiding behind a mask, its very cowardly. Also, when you post as anonymous nobody cares about you and nobody pays attention to your little faceless comments. So next time you decide to go talking out your butt be a man and not a little girl....Max

Thanks for everyone's input. I have the CD player at a NAD repair shop being tested with other NAD's and the problem is likely with the NAD 762. The repair guy has not been able to reproduce the problem at his shop. Already had one NAD returned cause the fan was too loud and it turns out IT was a bad fan. So, while I like the NAD's featrues and [production, there can be some problems with this "HOLY" received.

Which anonymous are you refering to?

Haha funny....See why its so stupid to post as anonymous? Maybe if they had like anonymous1, anonymous2, etc...

Oh well it is.. Anyway I am anonymous 2 and 3 and now 4 in this thread. Anyway, to identify myself I am the anonymous who has been talking about (and bought) HK AVR325Z and Fluance AV-HTB package. Max, I am still waiting for a reply from HK about the ventilation issue from another thread... but I am digressing...

Anonymous #1,
Since the above problem is not with the Elite cd player it sorts of makes you sound like a jerk, which you obviously are. Keep your stupid comments to yourself as you don't seem to have a clue what you are talking about.

Hey anonymous325, why don't you just call yourself something? Like your NAME!! Hell you could even call yourself 325 or something.. Why do you post as anonymous anyway? what is the point? Its not like we see your face anyway..
Oh well, whatever floats the ship I guess..
Hey #2 have you tried moving your H/K into a more ventilated area? That might work because I was reading the FAQ on there website and it says the fan should almost NEVER come on? Does yours have the 1 or 2 year warranty?

Kar formerly anonymous325
Oh well, I started as Anonymous and it continued as a matter of convenience. How does it matter anyway?

I havent tried moving the H/K yet. However, I had the H/K running but with no sources (DVD, VCR, TV all switched off) and I came back after an hour to find the fan running. I have again emailed H/K support. Lets see if I get a reply.

Very interesting thread. I must say it's hard to believe the problem could lie with the NAD system, the "holy grail" of receivers.


Tell me this. Why is your "jukebox" at a NAD repair shop being tested on other NAD receivers?
Whats that gonna prove?

The easiest way to find out which component is at fault is to replace it with another and see if the problem persists. If it does, it was most likely some other component that caused the problem. If it does not, it was most likely the unit you replaced. Dealers can easily do this, they have tons of stuff in stock to play with. If you are not a dealer you may have an old, spare unit somewhere, or can borrow one from a friend.

If you are on your own with just one of each component, you can still find out a lot by connecting things in different. ways. For example, try your new Pioneer Elite connected to the NAD receiver via the analogue cables. Is the thump still there? If yes, it is either the CD player giving the thump (in which case it will give its signal, with thump, to any receiver/amp too, check- did you have stereo one before - try it) or it is the receiver adding the thump to a signal from any source. If that is the problem, do you get it with another component input (turntable; tape machine; whatever)? If yes, consider whether the problem is the receiver, and, if so, which stage (pre-amp, power amp, any specific input channel etc.) If you get the problem on FM radio it is almost certainly the receiver. There is no certainty - the radio station might be broadcasting thumps. But consider whether you wish to explore that. Do you hear them on your portable radio?

And so on.

A bit of thought and common sense goes a long way.

And you can let people know what you find, and we all learn, and maybe have something useful to contribute.

You could call this approach "scientific". That is all science is (off topic, I suppose).

Contrary to Johnb, if you have high opinion of NAD, as I do, narrowing it down to the receiver is even more interesting and useful to know.

I will respond to just one heated remark.

Max, you are right about insults from someone who prefers to remain anonymous, but you take collateral damage with "be a man and not a little girl....". I have three daughters. Not one would ever think of doing that. Grown men can be cowards. They are often the worst sort.

Mike, share with us what you find out.

Good wishes to all.

Any reply is better on the forum. But e-mail supplied. Mike paid us this courtesy. No spam, please...

I dont see why is remaining anonymous has anything to do with being cowardly. John A or John B is as anonymous as Anonymous1 or Anonymous2. I dont know why you are making such a big deal of it.

Kar, you misunderstand me. Sorry. I was not accusing anyone here of cowardice; I was responding to Max's comment. And I am sure he intended no harm.


Please keep us posted on what H/K has to say about the fan running on your receiver, long after shutting off the sources. I am hearing about this from other owners and I would love to know why. I had assumed it was like my car, which has a thermostatically controlled fan that runs to cool off the car even after it has been shut off.

Is your fan loud?

Here is the text of the email I got from H/K support,
Yes, this is normal, considering the setup. You should have at least 3" of space above the unit. 1" does not allow the heat to escape. Please try to increase the amount of space above it, or add a fan to blow across the top of the unit, allowing the hot air to escape.

I hope this helps.



I wouldn't say the fan is loud, probably as audible as a quiet PC fan. However, you can hear it if you are fairly close, specially if there is no other sound.
I moved the receiver to the lowest deck on the TV stand and gave it it about 3-4 inches headroom. My initial setup was with the receiver at the top of the stand with abuot an inch clearing on top, a glass door in front and open(no walls) at the back. I would test it again today evening and would share the results with the board.

Yes, yes no harm at all!!! I would never try to actually hurt somebodys feelings. Also kar I think you slightly misunderstood me. I didnt say it was cowardly to POST as anonymous, I said it was cowardly to come and just say something irrelevant and ignorant about somebodies gear.
I just feel that if you are gonna bash somebodies gear you should at least have the respect to post your name!! So, my rant was towards the other anonymous, and not you!! I was just saying that when there is a thread with more than one anon, then somebody should identfy themselves as something so we all don't get confused. See, this was all just a big misunderstanding, oh yea just forget the girl part, I was just rambling..
P.S. Just keep posting how you did before and forget all this nonsense!! Sorry John A......

Oh H/K says its normal? There advice seems honest, I also felt that 1 inch was not enough. My receivers have about 13-15 inches of top space and I usually dont worry about how much space they have in the back. You should also keep the glass door open or slighty cracked so you get more air flow. What speakers do you run through it? Are they 8ohms?

Max, John A

My post was a question not a statement of indignation. I think the Net gives a blanket of anonymity by default and thus in this environment I think being Anonymous and being cowardly was seperate issues. Ofcourse you have addressing issues.
Maybe I should have replaced I dont know why you are making such a big deal of it. with My $0.02

Anyway you got me out of anonymity and now I have to type 3 letters instead of one click!


Well if you took the time to read my post you would see that this matter has been resolved and no further arguments are pending.

Ha ha just kidding, that was my formal tone..
But really, did you read my post closely? I said basically the other anon was cowardly , NOT you!!I mean your exactly right that Max is just as anonymous as "anonymous", I just think when one anonymous comes a bashing and there's other anon's posting that we might get confused. I guess I was just saying it was cowardly for him to come say all this crapola about somebodies stuff..
P.S Sorry to the guy who started this thread!!!

John A.
No problem, Max.

Mike, what did the guy in the shop say? I am interested to know the source of the thump. I have never heard anything like a thump (except from the days of bubbles in the vinyl of an LP; you could see where they came from).

If I understand you, the Pioneer CD player doesn't thump when connected to other receivers. So it certainly sounds like it is your receiver. Can you take the receiver back to the shop and get him to see if the thump is there with other inputs?

Well, i NEVER envirioned THIS kinds of response. LOL. Well, the GUY at the shop, who has about 40 years experience working with stereo components has a good idea that the NAD is at fault. He's ordered a new part for it and will be testing it with MY NAD which is ALSO now at the shop along with the CD "juke box." i will definitely let you ALL know what transpires. The thump was there with the previous Pioneer non-ELite connected via analog cable and with the Elite player connected via optical cable.

Sorry, damn fingers, i NEVER ENVISIONED, not environed, this kind of response.


Thanks for the update. You definitely win the Grand Prize on our show, "Stump the Chumps." Let us know how well the fix works because I have never heard of this one!


John A.
I agree with Hawk. Let us know what they say.
Thanks for posting. John

Latest update: My NAD guy is going to try to figger out what the problem is with the NAD. Yep, it seems that he got the CD player to do the same thing hooked up in his shop that it was doing at my house. He first thought it might be some sort of vibration problem at my home with the shelf set-up. But he reproduced the thumping at his ACOUSTIC-BASED shop and basically discarded that idea. He's got a pretty good idea that the NAD is BAD (GASP, HORRORS, WOE IS US). Since it is still under warranty, likely we will be getting a NEW NAD (NAD #3 this will be) and trying this ALL over again. More to come....

Why don't you try getting your money back instead.

John Allen

I have lost the plot.

You said:
"I have a system based on NAD T762 and M&K speakers and purchased a Pioneer Elite 300+1 Cd player"

"Yep, it seems that he got the CD player to do the same thing hooked up in his shop that it was doing at my house."

So it is the CD player. Or....?

If he takes the receiver and gets the same thump with another CD player, THEN you worry about the receiver.

The PLOT so far: NAD t762, connected to a regular Pioneer CD player, commenced thumping on playing a CD almost immediately after the system was connected in early 03. After months of monkeying with it (and some procrastination) amng other things, finally took the regular Pioneer to a repair shop. The processor was found to be "bad," so they said. Went out and purchased a NEW Pioneer ELITE 300+1 CD player. Connected it via optical cable to the NAD. Got the thump to start almost immediately. No thumping on playing TV, DVD or VCR via the NAD, so thought it was the CD player. Took CD player and NAD BACK to the NAD dealer, who is now testing it. It LOOKS like it is the NAD that has gone bad. Not sure if we will get another NAD, or try a different tack. Now awaiting final word from the NAD dealer on what the problem was/is. Will advise you all when the verdict comes in. This is my second NAD. First NAD, 752, had a bad fan. It was clearly audible when it kicked in, even over playback from components.
Thanks for all your patience.

WE HAVE A SOLUTION!!!! My NAD repair guy replaced the digital board and the DSP board in the NAD and now it works perfect... for now. Just plugged the mutha in and it sounds great. SO, it seems it was the NAD all along and NOT the juke box. So, for now, am gonna enjoy my music. Wlll let you all now if anything untopward hnappens.
Thanks for all your help.

John A.

Several stories like this here. If NAD really makes receivers with bugs, at least they seem keen to find them and fix them.

When I power on my NAD S300 the blue light blinks rapidly and does not stop.The manual suggests that there is a short with the speaker wires and this is a protection mode.Everything looks Ok. The amp is a couple of years old but has had very little use....Thanks in advance for any advice....Robert


do you have a loose wire strand in contact with the back of the receiver?
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