NAD T752 deleting a split second of CD tracks via optical cable


Just got my NAD T752 a few days ago and the sound was awesome. Hooked it to Tannoy MXs all around with Pioneer DV366 DVD player doing the front.
On CD tracks, however, I noticed that at the beginning of a song, a split second will be muted. Observed this to happen with many CD albums (even "audiophile-approved ones"). This happens when the NAD is teethered to the Pioneer via optical cables. When I engaged the analog audio cables (RCA), however, the muting disappers.
I like the sound on the optical cables because it is a bit smoother and softer (the analog cables can be +5 db louder and a bit harsher).
Kindly tell me how to remedy this.

Well, this might not exactly fix your problem, but when you have the optical out hooked up to your receiver and are using that for playback, the receiver's DAC(digital-analog converter) is doing the decoding work. When you have them hooked together through analog, the player is doing the decoding. This is why the sound is different between the two, because of the variation in DAC chips. Using coax digital will produce the same result(having receiver do decoding)but some people report different sounds between coax and digital.

On your problem with the muting, I am 90% sure that the problem is the DVD player. Not that it being a DVD player is a problem, but it might not be sending the stream the instant the song starts. Receivers won't differentiate between different tracks AFAIK, and will just play whatever signal is coming through. Someone might know more than me about this though, so don't trust me =)

The muting is usually caused by the automatic switching at the receiver. Most receivers default to analog and will switch to digital after it locks onto a digital signal. This takes some time and is muted so you don't hear any screaches of pops.

You must go into your receivers setup and force that particular input to optical. Right now it may be associated with the optical input but the input mode is probably AUTO.

My Denon used to do the same thing until I make this change.

Hope this helps.


That could be an explanation, thanks.


Yes, I did notice that the muting is there when the the receiver locks to the digital signal and the VFL display flashes STEREO for a while. However, this does not happen when I select a particular track on the CD (i.e. no muting).
ON the other hand, the input mode I programmed into the NAD is NOT auto but optical input.
Well... I guess I have to live with this little annoyance. When I do have to play CD tracks continuously, then I would have to switch to analog connection. But man, the stereo sound is REALLY GLORIOUS; the tradeoff is just miniscule compared to the enjoyment I found.

Anonymous, the original poster


Have you tried digital coax? This might solve the problem.
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