Non-aggressive Receivers?


Hi I'm currently researching home theater receivers and could use some direction from the more knowledgable people here. I'm looking to buy a mid-level budget HT system similar to what aperion or ascend acoustic has to offer(~$1400) I've been reading how these systems can be on the thin or edgy side and should definitely be mixed with a receiver that is non-aggressive. I'm looking to spend around $600 street price on a receiver and could use some ideas on what models I should look out for and which ones to stay away from in my situation. At this point I'm not ruling out any brand, I'm looking more for a perfect match. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

What in the hell are you talking about?

If you can find a Pioneer Elite vsx43 that would do just right. Also J&R Music World has a good sale on the Harmon-Karden 525 [$649} and the H/K 325{$499]. Both brands are very mellow and work well with brighter speakers. Look around on the net and you should be able to find some good deals as these units are being closed out. Both are excellent.

If you are using it mostly for Home Theater, try tuning on the Cinema EQ on any good receiver. It will helps you back down that edgy sound your're hearing. Give the Onkyo 601 or Denon 1804 a listen.

I like the Onkyo 601 also. I have owned 2 Onkyos and liked them both alot. I have also has 2 Denons and would not recommend them. My Denon3803 was the brightest, most sibilant receiver I have ever heard and Denons are not very user friendly compared to other brands. My Elite vsx45 is much better than the 3803. But again the Onkyos are very nice.
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