Home Theatre for a college student. 600-700$


Hello, I am lookin for a good home theatre package. Im lookin to spend 600-700 tops for everything. I was checkin out BB and the yamaha receivers caught my eye. I am very big into car audio, but know nothing about home. I know that the car audio stuff at BB is cheap and not worth it. is it the same way for home audio?
Im in college and live in a dorm. there is no carpet. I was thinking about getting a yamaha receiver, but after reading a little, it seems like Denon, Harman Kardon, and Onkyo are the way to go. Im real big into music, but watch movies too.
I also read some reviews on the Infinity Entra Point Five, what do yall think about those?

Consider a HK AVR125 ($270+$22 shipping) or a an Onkyo SR501($299 + free shipping) coupled with a Fluance AV-HTB system for $199+53 shipping
You can save of interconnects at K&B Electronics
I personally have bought the Fluance package and inteconnects from K&B and am happy with both.

you should also look at some of the CNET reviews on package systems.

i was doing that. are they worth checkin out, or are the reviews made by randon customers?

CNET is generally realible. However, as with any reviews, you have to take them with a grain of salt.

Why doesn't anyone like yamaha? what's the big deal?

I just picked up the hk avr-510z from harmonaudio.com refurbished model that is the predecessor to the 520 for about 420 with the shipping and a pair of jbl s310II from jandr.com for 340 for the pair. From what i could tell the only diff from the 510 and 520 was about 5 wats and only 5.1 vs 7.1.... hey a can't really beat paying 399 bucks for a reciever that retailed for 900 when it first came out a couple years ago. I'm lookin forward to it... you can also get the avr refurbished form harmonaudio.com for about 220 + shipping. I'm in the same boat in college with a few buck left over from financial aid to blow.

I am new to this and also on a budget. I've been trying to make heads or tails of all the reviews and message boards for two weeks. I am now more confused than ever. I read the Sunday, 10:09 message and found it the most helpful so far. - Thanks.

But... now I have a few more questions.

Looking into the Onkyo SR501 led me to the Onkyo HTS650. The system is complete with speakers and received great reviews. However, I've found from the HT message board that there is a consistant problem with LFE(?). This led me to the Onkyo HTS760 which I am leaning towards.

My question is this... Is the Onkyo HTS760 better than going with a separate receiver HK AVR 225 or Pioneer VSX-D711 with Fluance AV-HTB system speakers?

I will be hooking this up to Sony's DVP-CX875P and am more concerned with music than movies.

Thanks in advance for any advice on this.
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