NAD T752 vs T753?


Tim Renouf
Hi all,

I'm just in the process of updating my system (NAD AV711 receiver, NAD 523 multi CD, Pioneer DV-525 DVD, Infinity Reference 525 fronts, Infinity Delta centre, Infinity 200 MkII rears and a Velodyne CT 80 sub).

I've had a good read through this site but have ended up with more questions than I started with.

I'm currently leaning towards getting a NAD T752 and swapping my Pioneer (which has an annoyingly louding spindle) for a NAD T532. I'm going to audition a T742/T512 and T752/T532 combo on Tuesday (I had a listen to a Denon 1803 today - sounded nice).

Here come the questions...

1. Is there a benefit going to the T752 given that I only have speakers for a 5.1 system?

2. Does the T742 incorporate the PowerDrive system?

3. Will the T753 be priced the same as the T752?

4. I think I saw someone mention buying a T512 and using the receiver DAC. Is this possible?

5. Is the rest of my system up to par for the upgrade or should I be considering upgrading some of the other components?

Thanks for any replies in advance. Would appreciate it if Hawk would chime in (you seem to be carrying a NAD banner :-) ).



P.S. I listen to about 60% films / 40% music and have found my NAD equipment beautiful to listen to and reliable as hell. I'm also down in New Zealand so bother quoting websites I can't buy from. :-)

Tim Renouf
Arrghh, just re-read my post this morning. Make that " annoyingly loud spindle..." and " don't bother quoting websites...". Guess that's what comes from posting late at night. :-)

John A.

I have only just come across your thread. If you choose between the T742/T512 and T752/T532 combo you will get the latter if cost is not important. If it is, I would think and T742/T732 would be a better compromise, than T752/T512, precisely because of the DAC. The T532 has 96 kHz 24 bit digital audio out which is superb, and it gives a better analogue stereo signal, too, I should think.

But maybe you have decided by now?

NZ must be better-known, now, to many Home Theatre fans. But it must be a scary place with all those Balrogs and Black Riders. Stunning locations. You should give Peter Jackson a medal or something, what a marvellous showcase.


After I bought my Denon receiver, I went shopping for speakers and discovered that I had made a horrible mistake (for me, anyways). I found out that the bottom of the line NAD 742 sounded better than my Denon which costs about twice as much. I found myself looking at NADs more and more, and became very familiar with the line. Soon, I hope to have one for myself.

The thing that I find is amazing about NAD is that the sound of their receivers is remarkably consistant across the entire product range. This is very unusual as I am used to choosing whether the improvment in sound is worth the extra $100-300 to move up to the next price point. This is not necessary with NAD. I find the 742 to be very satisfying to listen to. However, it does have limitations. It is only 50 wpc x 5 whereas the 752 is 80 wpc x 5 (I have a big room). The 742 does not have the Power Drive circuitry, which is the reason I haven't already purchased a 742 (is isn't important to many, but it is to me). So if you need more power or you have low impedence speakers, go with the 752 over the 742.

As for the 753, it adds a sixth channel for 6.1 sound (also knocks down the power to 70 wpc x 6) and it has A/B speaker switching, currently available only on the 762. There are a few other minor improvements in the video circuitry and the price in the US goes up from $899US to $999US. Now, this is a reflection of the falling value of the US dollar in international markets and reflects a trend as other audio gear makers are also raising prices with the introduction of new models (Marantz, Pioneer Elite, to name a couple). However, I don't know what that means for our friends in NZ. You may be unaffected by this dynamic.

As for the DVD player, the biggest reason one would get the 532 over the 512 here in the US is that the 532 has progressive scan and 3:2 pull down for HDTVs on 120 V models. Yours may differ significantly. I just don't know as the NTSC and PAL based systems are so different.

As for using the receiver's DACs, absolutely you can do it. Just use a digital connection (coaxial or optical) and the 512 becomes a transport and the decoding is done by the receiver.

With regard to your speakers, I would simply say you should get the NAD components and see. Chances are good that it will sound like an entirely new system and you may want to let that sink in awhile before changing your speakers. As always, you should find what you like.


John A.
Quite right, again, Hawk.

For the record I have a 240 V/ 50 Hz T532 and you can choose PAL or NTSC or auto. It has progressive scan. I don't know what 3:2 pull down is. Those words are not in the manual. Either it is not there, or it is called something else.

Can you briefly explain?
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