Marantz has added three powerful AV receivers to its Range Series. The no-compromise SR5400 OSE, the SR5400 and the SR4400 digital surround receivers feature enforced power supply lines and fine-tuned audio circuitry for consistent performance across the

The new Digital Surround Receivers are designed to provide the frequency response and sonic performance demanded by high-resolution sources like Super Audio CD and DVD-Audio. The extended dynamic range, with improved transparency, separation and imaging, creates a natural soundstage. High quality amplifiers for each of the 6 channels ensure superb low-impedance driving capability with comprehensive dynamic reserve. The result is consistently powerful delivery during even the loudest, most exciting moments. Special on the receiver line-up is the Full Channel Drive Power with 70% Power guarantee, a guarantee rarely given in this industry.
SR5400 and Original Special Edition The SR5400 Digital Surround Receiver is a high-performance, 90-watt (RMS into 8 ohms) per channel home theater receiver that incorporates the latest generation Cirrus Logic DSP for DTS ES and 96/24 decoding, plus Dolby Digital EX, Dolby Pro-Logic II and Circle Surround II for compatibility with today's most popular standards.

Especially for audiophiles and movie lovers demanding even higher sound quality, an individually tuned Original Special Edition (OSE) version of the SR5400 is included in the line. The SR5400 OSE uses carefully selected high-specification components and anti-vibration materials to refine the sound quality further, while the audio circuitry is fine-tuned to take the performance to an even higher level. SR4400 With 80 watts (RMS into 8 ohms) per channel and heavy-duty speaker terminals, the SR4400 is ideal for high-performance 6.1-channel home theaters. Incorporating a balanced combination of AV receiver performance, advanced features and the renowned Marantz sound quality, it faithfully reproduces the excitement of a movie soundtrack. This model also incorporates the latest generation Cirrus Logic DSP to decode DTS ES, and is compatible with Dolby Digital EX, Dolby Pro-Logic II and Circle Surround II.

All models feature the innovative Marantz D-Bus system, which increases the flexibility of system integration by communicating commands to all elements on the bus. A pre-programmed remote control is included with each AV receiver.


Why, Whas there anything wrong with the 4300,5300 series?

Oscar--Do you work for Marantz or just coughing up Marantz's latest ad copy?

The notion that other amps can't supply the frequency range that humans can hear is ludicrous. Just about every amp section known to me is limited by either the speakers or by the amps having insufficient headroom at stated power. I don't know of any amps that are limited by their frequency response, except some nutty tube amps.

Afterall, who hears above 20 kHz and what amp on the market doesn't have a frequency response capability so far above that as to be unimportant?

Now I am glad Marantz has used the latest chips out. But so do a lot of other companies.

This is nothing more than ad copy. If the receivers are more powerful or have better headroom--good. If they have the new Dolby Prologic IIx good, but your post doesn't even say that. Hardly any receiver made in the last year doesn't have the Dolby functions that you posted.

do u know of any probloms with the 4300?


There was nothing untoward wrong with the previous Marantz line of receivers. This is just a case of Marantz doing the obligatory facelift thats now so common amongts the majority of manufacturers.

The 4400 and 5400 were reviewed in Octobers edition of What Hi-Fi? (UK). The 4400 was praised for both its stereo and HT performance but was criticised only for being marginally expensive compared to its budget rivals. The 5400 was also praised for its sound quality but when compared to its little brother was said to be overpriced considering the slight improvement in sound. The advantage the 5400 has over the 4400() include a 32-bit processor(24-bit), 24-bit/192KHz DAC(24-bit/96KHz DAC), component switching and 10w more power.

There is however one thing I don't understand and thats my 4300 has a 24-bit/192KHz DAC according to the Marantz website and the brochure I requested from them, yet I keep reading from various sources that it has a 24-bit/96KHz DAC?

I didn't say there was anything wrong with the new Marantz receivers. I just said it was a mostly meaningless puff piece that read like ad copy. There was nothing in the writing that gives anyone information that truly distinguishes these receivers from others at similar price points.

I would recommend going to the Marantz website and send them an e-mail telling them your model number and serial number (they might have improved the DAC in the same model) to clear up this discrepancy.

Yes, I did "copy & paste" from the web site.

BTW, if someone can help me...
I listen alot to classic music in a small room
5x4 metres. I have a Marantz SR4300 and I don't
know which speaker I can buy for it.


I presume you are in the UK, in which case there are a number of homemade brands that are very good--such as Monitor Audio, B&W, and quite a few others. Much depends on your budget for speakers. Do you want a 5.1 set-up?

A great, although very expensive Brit manufacturer is ProAc. I have a pair of Response 2's that are still my fave speakers for stereo listening. Heck, I sometimes think I should have bought another pair for surround sound--I imagine it would've sounded damn impressive--although at an MSRP of around $3k/pr for bookshelf speakers it is very expensive. But they are gorgeous in that rosewood veneer.


Are you sure you have the 4300 or the 4300 pro? The "pro" include the hi-res DACs. What are the main differences between the 4300 and the 4400?


Is the SR5400 and the OSE upgradable? Marantz site seems to have the wrong specs. Is the OSE version have the same transformer than the 5400? Does it have the gold plated therminals? I don't see a lot of differences on the Marantz site specs (like in the case of the SR7300 and the SR7300OSE version).


As far as I can see mine is a plain old 4300. I've never come across the 4300 pro and was wondering where is this model available? There does however seem to be a 24-bit/96KHz analogue to digital converter as well as the 24-bit/192KHz digital to analogue converter in the receivers specification sheet. Maybe this is where the confusion lies? I always thought these things had one DAC. If you want to compare the 4300 and 4400 please see below:

IMO there doesn't appear to be much difference between the two receivers apart from the upgraded remote and the new silver finish of the 4400. I presume Marantz has given the 4400 a tune up to improve the sound performance over the 4300.

If I was contemplating purchasing the bottom end receiver I would consider buying the 4300 and pocket the difference in price between the old and the new receiver.


I'm in Spain, although we have a local brand; VIETA, I much prefer another european brand.
I can get here B&W, Jamo, Kef, Magnat, JMLab,
Tannoy, JBL, Infinity and some more.
I want to listen to stereo music and maybe in the
future I update it to multichannel.
Budget: less than 500 Euros both spkrs. (1 Euro= 1,12 USD)


B&W, JMLab, and some of the Infinity line are quite good. As I live in the US, recommending a site with pricing on particular models won't be of much use. Some of the Infinity Interlude towers are quite good (but may be much more expensive there) and the Alpha line might be more in line with your budget. As B&W's are made in the UK you may get better pricing (although it is generally a fairly expensive line of speakers).

You need to listen to some that are in your price range and bargain with the dealer (if possible) or find a somewhat local online site to buy them.

Hi G-Man,

Thanks, for what I was worried is if the Marantz
sr4300 matches fine with B&W since it's the brand
I thought to use (602 S3). Marantz is warm
but i'm not sure if it's laidback and if b&w is
also so. Well, would they match fine ?.

What if use NAD ?

Suggestions are wellcome....
Here, B&W 602 S3 costs 474 euros both.

Well, thanks....

dear G-man & Oscar,
last week I bought a marantz sr-4300 receiver and a pair of B&W dm 602 S3. Now I'm really disappointed as the sound quality is not as good as I have paid for! specially when volume is low the sound is very poor. I think there must be something wrong in my setup. the dealer told me that if I want the better sound I might change my receiver with an integrated amplifire. Do you have any idea about the matter?

I would suggest you trial the Monitor Audio range of speakers, they pair very well with the Marantz gear as their brightness works well with the Marantz warm sound.

I'm about to buy the SR4400 amp, DV4300 DVD and Monitor Audio Bronze B6 main speakers. Check it out

Bronze B6? Is that new? I didn't see it on the Monitor Audio site
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