Rotel RSX972, Integra DTR7.1 or HK AVR520 receiver?


Mr. Beehoff
Which one of these would you buy? I have had really good luck with my HK AVR30 and HK PA2400 amp. I would use this srtictly with home theater and use my other stereo for listening. I never use dsp. I like to keep things simple and would like to pair this to a Philips Q50 dvd player and eventually a Panasonic 42" Plasma. Any thoughts? Thanks.
P.S. Where to buy on web? Has anyone heard of ProActive Electronics?

If you like to keep things simple than you should definitely look at the B&K series (AVR 305 & 307). Little on the spendy side but you can't buy a better built and a simpler receiver!

Rule out the integra - 1 its ugly, 2 its overpriced and 7.1 doesnt really exist

If this is strictly for HT and NOT AT ALL for music Id regrettably say go HK its got more DSP modes and well thats the only reason Id got HK over Rotel, I own a 972, its the best receiver ever made in its 5.1 category/price range. I listen to 50/50 music/HT, so I love it - but its got crappy crappy dsp modes that I dont even use; but since I just read you dont use DSP - go Rotel man, you will never regret it, and ive been reading that H&Ks 520s have been screwing up(from a few people I talk with once a day); Rotel very crisp, clear, powerful with huge massive heatsinks on the inside :)
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