Difference between Pioneer Elite 45tx and 53tx


I was all set to buy the 45tx when the 53tx came along. They seem very similar. Does anyone out there know the exact differences? Also, are there any 45tx units left out there at a close-out price?


Not that I know of, but you may be able to get one on eBay.com, Possibly used or open box/refurb.

I have seen the 45tx at mydigitaluniverse.com @ $675. For a new and non-refurb that strikes me as a very sharp price. But I have seen the new 53tx at around $750. Supposedly the remote is a lot better on the new one among some other minor additions. Don't know--there hasn't been as complete a write up on the new models yet. I am not sure if the new models have Dolby Prologic IIx. They all have Prologic II, the IIx has a new matrix for 6 and 7 speaker surrounds that is supposed to be quite good.

You have to spend on the 55tx to get any dramatic improvements, such as ilink and USB to connect to your PC to play music direct--even in surround.

But if you don't get an ilink DVD player or other firewire DVD players--why spend the money? But it might be good to wait until the upgrade for the PE 47ti comes out, or one could by the 47ti at reduced prices--now around $640 and hookit up through the ilink.

Heck--spend a fortune and get the soon to arrive 59txi--it has all of Dolby's new stuff plus an even more advanced built-in SPL metering system that takes into account room acoustics--not to mention a new remote that is supposed to be much better and has the same excellent amplification as the current 49txi.

correction i just called mydigitaluniverse and they are out of the 45tx :(
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