Paradigm Monitor vs. Reference with NAD or Denon


I live in a small town but will be in the Pittsburgh area for about a week in early October. Based on the discussions and reviews here I will start by looking at Paradigm speakers with an NAD or Denon receiver. I have about a $3000 budget. My room is about 12x24 and I would like to go 5.1. Eventually I will have a Plasma TV over the fireplace with fronts on each side of the 12 foot wall and a center on top of the fireplace mantle below the plasma. Surround will either be in wall, hanging on wall or on stands, havent decided. I will probably use the speaker for 60% music / 40% surround. I listen to rock and jazz.

I have a few questions and would appreciate some advice.

Anyone have any experiences with Digital Visions? They are a Paradigm dealer in Pitt. Or Palmer Audio and Whitehall? Or a dealer in Allentown/Philly?

Not sure if I want to shoot my budget on Reference 60 speakers and initially cheap center/surrounds or go with the Monitor series all around. Opinions?

Whats the difference between the v2 and v3 Paradigms?

Anyone have any comparable speakers and receivers I should look at? Not really interested in Outlaw or Marantz receivers. Wondering why most people favor Denon and NAD over HK.

I currently have an HK AVR40 and my Infinity SM150s are shot and too big anyway.

Thanks in advance for the help.

KidA (First Human Clone)

I would listen to the Studio 40 to see if you think it will fill your space. They are very nice bookshelf speakers and would save you a few hundred dollars. I love them and the 60. The v3 is the newer version of the monitor series and to my ears seem a little brighter than the v2 version but still nice. The monitor7 is one of the best buys on speakers I have ever heard so listen to them also. H/K receivers are great but not the best match with Paradigm as both are on the warm side. I don't care for the newer Denons at all esecially the 3803. I had one and it is unbelievably bright and sibilant. Go with NAD or Rotel if they have enough inputs for you.[They din't for me unfortunatly] I would avoid Yamaha and SonyES like the plaque. Sony especially is awful.If you can listen to Monitor Audio speakers I would highly recommend you do so. I went with a Monitor Silver system over the Paradigm Studio system and a Elite45tx receiver. With the Monitors good receivers matches are Elite, Marantz, NAD, Rotel and H/K. If you like your H/K and the Monitors there are some great deals on H/K right now. [J&R and mail order houses etc] A Monitor-H/K system would be terrific.

Thanks elitefan. I will check out the Monitor Audio silvers. I like all the features on the H/Ks and I like the idea of going local for the receiver since it would seem to be the most likely to have problems. Would you recommend floor standing or bookshelf fronts for my size room and musical prefs?

I would listen to the Silver6 floorstander for mains, the silver center and the silver1 for surronds. With a H/K this would be a killer system. For a sub the Monitor subs are pricey so I would consider other brands like Paradigm, Def Tech, Velodyne and HSU.

elitefan, what's your opinion on matching the Titan system with Onkyo?


I had just received an e-mail from a Paradigm tech. He recommends most any receiver you like that is rated "honestly" at 80 watts per channel driven into 5 or 7 channels. As long as your room isn't too big you should have excellent sound.

Thanks for the great suggestions. I cant wait to start auditioning these speakers. What's your opinion on the Athena AS-F2s? Do you think they are on par with the PSB Image, Monitor Audio Bronze/Silver and Paradigm Monitors? I saw them at Best Buy but their setup doesnt really allow for a good demo.

So far, I will be looking for dealers in Pitt to demo:

Paradigm, Monitor Audio, PSB and Athena
with NAD, Rotel and H/K.

Thanks again for the help

Onkyo with Paradigm is an excellent combination. The Titan is an incredible speaker for it's size and price. Which Onkyo are you thinking about? They have just replaced the 800 with the 801 but I have not seen it yet.
I would like to hear your opinions after your demos especially the Monitors and because you are hearing such different sounding speakers. Have fun and take your own music and movies with you to your demos. Good luck.


i will post the week of my auditions. i'm sure i'll have even more questions as i go. thanks for the assistance.

I've been a Paradigm owner/fan for some time - slowly working my way up from their performance line to their reference line. This summer I upgraded from Paradigm Monitor 9's, PS-1000, CC370 & a NAD T752 receiver to Paradigm Studio 40's, StudioCC, PW2200, & a Denon 4800 (all speakers are Series 2). I listen primarily to Jazz and classical and the imaging and clarity (especially on strings and horns) is amazing. The sound stage is dead on. I would have purchased the Studio 60's if I was only interested in using them for listening to music (stereo only). The Studio 60's have the same complement of drivers - but due to their larger enclosure have an extended bass response - with the 40's I leave the bass to the PW2200. The sub is effortless no matter what I throw at it (action film, kettle drums, you name it) - only complaint is that it may be a bit too powerful for my room.

I've owned PSB, Mission, & B&W. I am unabashed about my fondness for the Paradigms. At each and every price point - in my humble opinion - they can't be beat.

PS: I use an older pair of large B&W bookshelf speakers for my rear channels (I'll eventually retire 'em for a pair of Paradigm StudioADP's - but I've had 'em forever and bought them when money was tight so I have a sentimental attachment).

Dear Kida,

You are on the right track with the companies you are considering - much better than where you started out from just a week ago.

I like the monitor audio bronz which is more economical than the silver. It is recommended component of stereophile magazine.

Check for buying guide.

You can chat alive on and get anweres.

Spend 5-10% of your systems money on cables to hook it all up. They do make a difference.

You can also fix your old infinity speaker, and use your old system with dvd - just 2 channels. That's what I do - do we really need 6 speakers?

Since music is more important to you, you might even consider getting a better quality 2 way system. They have been perfected by half century of experience, while home-theatre is new technology - most sound far inferior to a stereo 2 way system.

Consider buying used stuff on You will end up with better sound for the same budget.

This way, you will end up with a significant upgrade. Going the home-theatre way, don't be surprised if the improvements are small. Many 6 channel receivers don't do music so well. Outlaw and NAD are the better ones in this respect.

I know we get the urge to catch up on technology once in a while, but sometimes it takes a while for the new to settle down to iron out the bugs. Most audiophiles prefer 2 way better than 6.

If you want to upgrade your 2 way system, post in audio, and you will get all the advices you need.

You might want to compare the sound of 2 way to 6 way when you goto the city to listen. Take your favorite cds with you.

Good luck, and take what the salesmen say with a grain of salt.

Thanks for the help guys,

Based on the answers I've received I plan to start by auditioning H/K, Elite with the Monitor Audio Bronze/Silver. Then NAD,Denon with Paradigm Monitor,PSB Image. I plan on buying the receiver and main speakers to make sure I'm happy with the music before buying matching center/rears and a sub for HT.

I have the SR600 but it seems to crackle in the center channel during certain pitches when the volume it pretty high. So as g-man noted, maybe my SR600 isn't an 'honest
80 wpc. Seeing how I have to upgrade eventually, I'm looking at other options. Mostly, because I've read that many think the Onkyo is flat and not very dynamic.

I'm compiling a list and it seems NAD may be the best option for Titans or Paradigms in general? Too bad, I like the looks and reviews of Marantz.

NAD with Paradigm would be a great combination also. Marantz are to laid back. Don't give up on Onkyo, think about a more powerful model or their Integra line. Have you thought about moving up the Paradigm line to the Monitor series? The 7 is a real steal.

Elitefan said "I went with a Monitor Silver system over the Paradigm Studio system and a Elite45tx receiver. With the Monitors good receivers matches are Elite, Marantz, NAD, Rotel and H/K."

Given the goal of matching a warm, mellow A/V Receiver with fast, transient speakers,I am putting together a home theater 5.1 setup with Monitor Silver S2's and S-LCR and a sub. Rear surrounds are ceiling/soffit mounted Niles audio. Which Marantz Receiver model matches best with this setup? The 8300's and up have a touchscreen learning remote but are they overkill on power?

And any opinions on which sub compliments the Monitor Silvers? Velodyne?



IMO, the 7300 is a great receiver, especially for the money and you should consider it as a match for your speakers. Also look into the Marantz 7300ose, which fits in between the regular 7300 and the 8300.

There is no such thing as "overkill" in power. You can mismatch receivers and speaker, however. But I don't think that is the case with your proposed system. I like the Monitors and any Marantz from the 7300 up would be a good match for them.

I would agree with Hawk on his Marantz comments. The 7300 is a very fine receiver and a great match with Monitors. That is what my Monitor dealer sells but I already had my Elite 45 and prefer it over Marantz 7300 due to it's inputs . Sound is very similar.

Thanks for your input.

Since the corresponding Monitor Audio sub is of questionable value and performance, I will use the Hsu VTF-2. The entire system is going into a custom designed wall unit (have to keep wife/designer happy) and I will cut out the floor of the base cabinet and put the sub on the floor.

The local "experts" actually saw the bright 20x20 room and recommended Klipsch Reference series with a Yamaha RX-V1300. Would have been a screamer!

They also recommended Niles Intellicontrol. Nice control, but pricey. Will look at the Philips ProntoPro or a Marantz handheld remote.

RE: your local experts recommendations for a Yamaha with Klipsch speakers

My ears hurt just thinking about that combo!

Any dealer who would pair Yamaha and Klipsch is in business strictly to sell name brand products and not to help put together good sounding systems. In my area we have a large store that does just that. They also sell furniture and appliances so that tells you were they are coming from. The only other combo as bad is SonyEs with Klipsch which one of my good dealers sells only for the brand recognition as they have told me several times. Luckily they also sell Elite receivers and they can tame that Klipsch shrill, bright high end somewhat.

Elitefan, I have about $2000 to upgrade my "system", basically start from scratch(sony 5x100watts receiver). Eventually I'd like to get seperates. And right now I could get a Marantz poweramp mm9000 for $700 and then some nice speakers for a very large room(2 living rooms/dining room/kitchen without walls). maybe 30 by 25 by 10. This doesn't all need to be filled to the brim with brilliant sound, but I don't want it to sound weak. I'm considering the Paradigm monitor 7s and the Monitor Audio S6 or S8s. I listened to the Paradigm Studio 60s, and the difference wasn't enough for me to double the 7s pricetag. Eventually I'd get a better preprocessor, but that has to wait for now.
Any advice is appreciated, thanks

Kida, et all...not sure if your checking in but did you ever make a move. Recently I listened to the Monitors and the Paradigms also and seem to be on the same page as MonstaChuck... loved the MA Ref 60 golds but way out of my league... thought the paridgm 60's were a fairly close fit with the MA S8's and S'10's (Montiors a little brighter but listened to them with Anthem seperates)

I didn't see anyone mention the integra as a good match with the monitor Silver series... Any thoughts as I have two dealer's in the Chicagoland area recommending the Integra 8.4 to match .... Any thoughts on S8's vs the S10's.??? My room size is 14x25... hardwood/carpet mix and I will use the system 50/50 home theater vs. pure listening...Rears for the surround I'm going to go with the silver wallmount dipoles or just book shelves if that doesn't work...

also, based on that they have mentioned the Denon 2900 DVD as a good option. ... thoughts??
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