Marantz 7300 vs. Harmon Kardon AVR325


Anybody please give me an advice on which receiver to choose from, Marantz 7300 or Harmon Kardon AVR325? I am using an Infinity Alpha 40 as front speaker. Thanks a lot! Moreover, please advise whether Infinity Alpha is good or not. Any suggestion of speaker choice in similar class.

Hawk, Where are you? I really need your advice. Thanks!

i thought Marantz 7300 competes with the HK AVR 525 which is one level above the AVR325

How about matching with infinity alpha speaker? Any alternative to this speaker?


Get the Marantz. There are some products that are absolutely dead on target when they are produced and that is the Marantz 7300. It has a much more expensive sound than either the H/K 325 or 525, both of which are good products.

I think the Infinity Alpha 40s are a good product. The Marantz would help to control the ceramic composite speaker drivers, which can get a little "hard" sounding with the wrong amp. If you want an alternative speaker system, consider the Athena Audition AS-F2s or the Heybrook HB4s. either system is about the same size and price as the Alpha 40s (both are available for $599/pair at I personally love the Heybrooks, but Heybrook dealers are a bit hard to find--may be difficult to fill out the rears and center speaker slots although I did find some on the 'net.

Speaker cable: no need to go overboard here. I strongly recommend the Monster Cable XP, usually available for $15.99 for 20'. Alternatively, look into the AR Performance Series speaker wire (50" for $19.99 from Best Buy). Both are a nice 16 gauge (AWG-16) which is all you need. I use both in different applications and have been very pleased by both.

Hi Hawk, Thank you! I'll go for Marantz 7300. How do you think about using Paladgm reference or Monitor speakers instead of Infinity Alpha? I read some dood reviews on them.


Happy to help. The Marantz is a real nice receiver and I am sure you will be pleased.

Both the Paradigms and the Monitor Audios are really nice speakers. You will find, however, that they have a very different sound. The Paradigms are really accurate, but laid back-- they don't startle you right away, but you can listen to them all day without getting tired of listening. The MAs are much more forward sounding--they have a lot of "sparkle" and will catch your attention immediately. They are also a very accurate speaker.

You will have to decide which you like better because the sound will be very different. However, I would lean toward the Monitor Audios for the Marantz. I think that is the better combo as the Marantz is pretty warm sounding which tames the MA's aggressiveness, and still lets the accuracy of the MAs shine through. The Monitors will give the system a better balance IMHO.

Good luck!

Harmon Kardon AVR-325 or the Yamaha RX-V1400???
I am looking for a new reciever to get for my home theatre. I am getting the Klipsch RF-15 Speaker System which has the JBL S-120 subwoofer.
I am running a 5.1 single room sytem with possible expansion to 6.1 in the future. I will mostly watch DVD-Video, DVD-Audio, and CD's.

I don't know which reciever to go with though.

The Yamaha is THX Select Certified and features component video upconversion. It also has more power per channel (110 Watts x 7)and more decoding programs.

The Harmon Kardon is similiar in features but I haven't seen a product manual for it. I don't know if it has component video upconversion. It is not THX Certified and doesn't have as many decoding programs. It also has only 65 Watts per channel at 5.1 and 50 Watts at 7.1. I have still heard great things about it though.

Please Help!

Accidently posted the last message in the wrong place.

I have Kef Q50's, Q10 surrounds, and Q90 center speakers, all of which are rated at 6 ohms. I am looking to upgrade my old pro-logic receiver and choosing between HK 525 at $599 or Denon 3803 at $700+. Any advice on which receiver to get?

Stay away from the Denon. I had one and hated it. Very bright. The 525 is much warmer.
Hawk is right. Go with Monitor Silver Series with your 7300 and you'll have a great sounding system. I first heard the Monitors thru a 7300ose and loved them both. My combo of Monitor and Elite 45 is heaven. So is Monitor with Marantz.

Thank you for your advice. I have listened to the HK 525 and liked it a lot. I have considered the Elite 45tx but is out of my price range of $600. Thanks again.


Are Dynaudio 52 and 42 able to match Marantz 7300 or 7400?

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