Harmon Kardon DPR1001 or Onkyo TX-SR800


Any thoughts on which is better between the DPR1001 and the TX-SR800? Both these receivers are priced about the same.

I would pair them up with Polk LSiC, LSiFX, LSi9, and a PW650.

Thanks for any comments!

The only way this question could really be answered is by playing them alternatively with an ABX switching system through your Polk's and not know which was playing while you listen loudly to your favorite music. Ideally you could get loaners and find this out yourself. But chain retailers are not likely to ever do this.

. The HK has all digital amplification and the Onkyo is a standard AB amp. Since an all digital amp doesn't need a DAC for the DVD player to play through it-- it should be ten times faster and have slightly less distortion. Of course, I doubt a human being could tell the difference between a 200 nanosecond and a 2,000 nanosecond delay in signal. Afterall, sound waves travel incredibly slow, particularly in relation to electrons.

So I would imagine that sitting an extra foot back from your speakers will take longer than 100,000 nanoseconds for the sound waves to arrive at your ears in a 1 foot difference. So what difference could one or two thousand nanoseconds make? And most probably you couldn't hear the distortion difference either.

I would think the biggest advantage of digital amps is that they are very efficient and create much less heat----hence, as heat is the enemy of electronics, it should make your equipment last a lot longer. Probably much longer than you'd want it to last--haha. And they are much smaller, so an all digitally-amped receiver can be less than half the size and weight. Might not be important to you, but is important to the accountants that want to ship smaller and lighter boxes and have a lot less sheet metal.

Polk's are usually 4 ohm speakers. I would e-mail or phone the tech departments of HK & Onkyo and ask them if they recommend the 50 watt digitally amped HK and the more powerful Onkyo amp for these 4 ohm speakers. The should know if 4 ohm speakers perform well with their equipment.
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