Want help on spk and a/v reciever


Hello every one need help I am planning to buy a Sony SA VE 835ED speaker set or bose accostimatic 6 3 single cube speakers tell me which one is better though i am in favour on Sony speakers as i heard everywhere that bose sucks and i also want to buy a/v reciever pls suggest which one to buy yamaha rxv 540 or rxv 640 or Onkyo tx sr 501 or tx sr 601 or sony str sb 1080 bcoz i live in middle east region and only yamaha,Onkyo or sony recievers are available

pls reply soon


It is unfortunate that your choices are so limited. I think you are correct that Bose is not very good if you want something that sounds remotely like the real thing. Most Bose don't have much output below 500 hz and I think the single cubes are even worse. The Sonys are not much better, but I understand you want something small and unobtrusive.

I would strongly suggest you start with the Onkyo TX-SR601, easily the best of the brands and models you listed. As for speakers, look for some French-made speakers called JMlabs. They have a 5.1 system called the "Sib/Cub" system, which are five satellites with fully articulating wall mounts included (the "Sibs") and an 8" subwoofer (the "Cub"). I would be very surprised if you cannot find them in the Middle East as JMlabs is a division of the very large French audio company, Focal. In fact, they may be branded as "Focal" in the Middle East. Anyways, they should cost about the same as the Bose.

You can learn more about them here:


Just click on "Home Audio" and you can learn about the Sib/Cub. And you can also look up your country of residence to see who the local distributor is of these speakers. From there you can find the dealers.

Sandy have you looked at the Energy Take 5.2's?They are slighty larger then the bose but sound wise, they arent even is the same category. I personaly would rather have a boom box than the top of the line bose.What Bose needs to do is get a bigger subwoofer driver(10") and add in(on the side)a pressure driven woofer that would fill in the midrange bass frequencies.Sandy how small do they have to be? One more thought, have you thought about in wall/ceiling speakers?

Sandy, Energy Take 5.2 is an excellent choice, here is another small speaker system, that got high ratings...



Thanks Today I also learned from someone that Polk audio,Jamo and Yamaha speakers are available though Ihave listened to yamaha ones i sort of did not like them i have read some where that Polk audio rm6600 are very good set of speakers though i am still searching for other options i am still to come across jbl here though I found a BW showroom but i presume they are very costly,since the polk audio showroom is in other city i will go there and check them any suggestions on polk audio and though the sony Sony SA VE 835ED subwoofer was much better than bose i think can u please check the specs for the sony or do u suggest polk rm6600 as all these speakers are in the same price range

thanks u ppl are very helpful

hey i found a jbl dealer but i think they dont have a showroom here so they might not be selling speakers they might be selling something else.As i told before Only Yamaha,Sony,Bose,Jamo,Polk audio are available here so i have to choose among them

sorry to hear about the weak choices...

yep the choices i gave above are the only one we have here so kindly help me me decide among these thanx


would it be possible to order from the US?

yes i can order from us but it would be a lot of hassle as i would have to pay tax on it and lots of problems on customs here as these days these ppl tend to open everything suspicious bcoz of terrorism , and i will also not be able to listen to the speakers so the above choice are the only one tell me about polk rm6600 ihave read good reviews about it u can also check the sony review



Hey sandy,
I think a polk/yamaha set-up would be good.
Onkyo and yamaha are good but I like yamaha a litte bit more. Polks are a good choice for you. Do not get bose please. actually I think you would be happy with either the onkyo-601 or the more expensive of the 2 yamahas, but for speakers you dont wanna chance it so get the polks forsure.
I hope this helps. Please ask more questions if your still unsure or have any other questions about anything...see ya

Hi Sandy,

If you're looking at Polk satellites go for the newer RM6700 & not the RM6600.

There are noticeable improvements. :P

thanks for the help I will be going to Riyadh to Check out the Polks tommorow and hopefully buy them as of now from what we have here I narrowed my choice to POLK and sony SAVE835ED so i will see on which i get good deal but from reviews and disscussions i think polks are better though even reviews of the sony are also good Does anyone of u have a mail address so i can contact directly when i go to riyadh if i have any queries i can bcoz maybe i can find other brands also there


Keep your eyes and ears open for used equipment too. If someone went to the trouble(taxes and duties) of buying a quality piece from abroad and wants to sell it to upgrade or whatever the reason would work in your favor.

yep but here the ppl usually throw off there used or old equip but i will look out for them , can anyone give me advice about Sony SAVE835ED spkrs i have good reviews of them but tell me has anyone of u listened to them

To me your best choices by far are Onkyo and Polk. Sony and Yamaha just don't measure up to Onkyo in my opinion. I have owned all 3 and no choice but Onkyo for me. I have had smaller Polks in the past and liked them alot. Bose are just awful. Great marketing,poor speakers. Good luck.

Aint that the truth elitefan!! Well yeah ok a Onkyo,polk set-up should do you just fine and I beleive you will be very satisfied. I strongly urge you to go with the polks Sandy, sony's are not bad but Polk will give a much better sound and you will be more satisfied with Polks. Ok my address is anneraymer@cs.com You can mail me whenever you need some direct help on anything, if you need help installing it I can help too.
Good luck and see you later.

can anyone give me advice about Sony SAVE835ED spkrs i have good reviews of them but tell me has anyone of u listened to them , I also goto the price of Polks its around 1000 $ and the sony are around 650 $ and the bose Ones are 750 $
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