What's "Fully Assignable" Input on REceivers?


tony ng

I just bought a budget minded Yamaha receiver 5544 (75w x 5). You can't get better than this under $300. It only has 2 DIGITAL inputs and way too many stereo ones. Who the heck needs more than 3 stereo nowadays?

This receiver drives 2 250w JBL loudspeakers as front L/R and a 175w BIC America front speaker. The sound is very scrisp. No doubt cuz these are all in my opinion very good speakers. Howevers in DD, DTS mode, the sub output is weak!! (aiwa 150w sub) 5ch stereo is very good and don't suffer the weak sub issue.

Tony -

Fully assignable inputs usually means that the digital inputs (optical or coaxial) can be assigned to the DVD, CD or VIDEO channels (or similar identifiers depending on your amplifier). Therefore, it makes the digital inputs more flexible.

As for the sub output weak in DD DTS - I had the same problem with my Pioneer 810s. I thought it was my speakers (Paradigm Legends) but after I replaced the 810s with a Harmon Kardon 525, all the bass came alive. Big difference. What can I say? Sometimes (not all the time) you get what you pay for.

Try finding a sub output level on your Yamaha. You may be able to turn it up a bit.


I agree the AVR525 is wonderous...write me offline of you have any insights or problems. I have owned it about a month and am mightily impressed.

My pockets are a touch lighter, but my ears can barely stay on my head they're so excited.

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