Marantz users help me


I have a marantz 6300 and whenever I watch dvd movie I have to crank up the volume to about -5 and sometimes 0, for me this level is still not loud. Is this normal?

btw what is your max volume level?, mine (6300) is only up to +9, so I don't have anymore enough room to adjust the volume since it's already on 0.



What speakers, cables and interconnects are you using? Have you double checked all your connections and settings according to the manual? My SR4300 has a volume range of -71 to +18 and at -5 its loud enough for the neighbours to join in.


I double checked the settings and everything is right, actually I reset it and reconfigured it. The sr6300 has a volume range of -75 to +9, when listening to music I usually set the volume to about -20 but on movies it goes around -5 to 0 and sometimes to + values (w/c is still not that loud), btw the speaker level are all set to +6 to +8.

I'm disppointed with the 6300, it seems that it doesn't have enough power to drive my speakers (mission m70i series). I don't like the fact that I have to crank up the volume about 90% or more to enjoy surround sounds.


I have exactly the same trouble with my Denon 3803 (sigh!).


Does it mean that there's something wrong with my device. Could you give me some options to do?


You could take your speakers (front two) down to a local Marantz seller and try them with one of their own 6300 to see if the problem is specific to your receiver.

I am also running my receiver with mission M70i series speakers but my listening room is quite small. How big is your room? But even your room size should not make that much difference unless its very large. Maybe we all have different ideas of loud?
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