DAC's, comments please...


What benifits would a listener hear when the receiver has 192 kHz/24-Bit DACs (for L/R channels) and 96 kHz/ 24-Bit DACs (for other channels) or is it more about future proofing in case you want to listen to alternative sound recording like SACD and DVD-A.

What DAC's does the NAD T762 have?

Probably nothing.

The upper frequency response of a digital device is about 1/2 its sampling rate (192 and 96 = just under 96KHz and 48KHz). We will ignore the fact that only young women can hear above 21KHz for now. You need speakers with a flat frequency response to that frequency. There are some old Carver and Pioneer speakers that can do that and Vifa, Dynaudio and CTS (Motorola) can get you into the 40KHz range but I don't know of any resonably priced speakers that surpass 30KHz.

Add that many manufacturers downconvert even THE DIGITAL jacks output to 48KHz sampling rate (Ahem... Pioneer, Panasonic - See www.crutchfield.com) and you see it's very unlikely that a 96KHz signal will ever get to you for a chance to hear it.

Finally, 192KHz are used for Stereo-only recordings.

It's nice to know part of your system can do it but I wouldn't sweat it.

Hope this helps.
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