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When we play a dvd (ex: watching a movie in 5.1 DD surround) is the audio we are listening to 96/24 audio? If it is not then what is the ratio. If it is 96/24 audio, then what is the advantage of having a receiver that can decode DTS 96/24? If I put in a DTS audio disc, or a DVD-audio disc for that matter then what level resolution is the audio playing at that is better than regular DVD surround. I just dont get what the advantage is. Can anyone shed some light on this for me.

John A.
DD is not 96/24. DD does not have that resolution. What it has varies, and I can't find a straight answer, I wonder if anyone else knows. If you just put a DVD-Video in the player and play, the default is DD even where a separate DTS track is on the disk. Choose DTS for better sound.

DTS at full rate is 96/24. Same as DVD-Audio for mutichannel.

A DTS sound file is about twice the size of the same recording in DD. So the manufacturer can get many more options (full surround for different languages and so on) onto the disk with DD only.

To my ears DTS is much higher quality sound. Much more detail.

I put some links to what Dolby and DTS have to say about each other in the first post on the following thread under "speakers".


and "home theater".

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