HK video question


This pertains to the HK 325 receiver

Can I connect my DVD player video using Component Video to the receiver,
Cable input into VCR, which going via composite video to receiver, and a single S video monitor out from the receiver to the TV (video 1)

I get no video with DVD or TV
However, if I remove the component Video interconnect between DVD and receiver and replace it with S video and replace the Monitor out with composite video, everything places.

Do I have to change any settings to get the component video to work for DVD?

The HK doesn't do any downconversions of video sources. Does your TV have component video inputs? If not, no point hooking them to the HK receiver. Just use s-video or composite.

Also the On Screen Display doesn't work with component video, only S-video and composite.

This is a weird question, and probably depends on the TV/monitor. S-video and Composite video are mutually exclusive. Usually, plugging the S-video into your TV/monitor will kill the associated Composite video hub. So if you have a VCR you have to go either ALL s-video, or ALL composite, you can't intermix them (at least not on the same set of inputs on your TV/monitor).

Component video is a separate issue, and can be either cabled directly from the DVD to the TV, or switched through the HK. If you only have one Component Video device (i.e. no digital or satellite) then you can save some cash by using only one cable from the DVD to the TV/monitor.

I have composite and S video on the TV, only composite on the VCR and all 3 on the DVD player.

So now I want to use the 'best' video quality output from each device viz..component from DVD, composite frm VCR and S video from AVR to TV.
All get is a blank screen.


That's correct. That's exactly what will happen, because you're cutting off the composite video from the VCR by plugging in the S video from AVR to TV. In fact, there is no S-video going INTO the AVR so that it can be passed to the TV.

The component video has 2 wires: a center wire and a shield. The S-video uses 3 wires. There are 2 separate signals in the S-video plug, and only ONE signal in the composite. There are no circuits inside the AVR to convert S-video to Composite, or vice versa.

The ONLY option you have is to use composite from VCR to AVR, then composite from VCR to TV.


What I have now is S video from DVD --> AVR, and composite from VCR -> AVR and AVR --> TV and it works fine. I am not sure if I can get any performance benefits (in DVD) by switching
AVR-->TV to S video. My VCR has only composite so I guess I am stuck in that video path.

Thanks for your input.

I've got s-video from the 325 to TV & it looks better than composite. The problem is, the 325 doesn't convert composite to s-video. The manual states that component & composite sources must be watched in their native format. Bummer. It will downconvert s-video to composite, though. I bought a composite to s-video converter from Radio Shack for $16 CAD & will let you know how it works.

Thanks Chris. But would there not be a loss of quality. Isn't going S-video all the way a better option?

You say you're running composite from the avr to tv. If you use the s-video converters (pt. no. 15-1238)on the vcr, you can run one s-video to the tv & still watch the vcr (unless you've got an s-vhs vcr). I've tried them & they work great. Without them, I'd have to run composite to the tv just to watch a tape.
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