Onkyo TX-SR601 or Denon 1803 or something else? HELP ME PLZ!!!



I am sort of new the to HT and speakers deal. i know bose sucks and sony sucks. and i know of some good speakers like jamo, kef.

anyways i am in the process of buying a receiver now.

i am interested in the Onkyo TX-SR601, or the Denon 1803. maybe even the HK AV125( its cheap)

I have JBL studio speakers. the JBL S-center and 4 JBL s38ii.

my room is 15by 20 feet.

This will be my first big purchase. i am only 18 and i just finished paying for books at college.

I am mainly looking for movies but sometime i like to kick back and listen to music with no TV.

If anyone can tell me their choice and why i would really appriecate it.

I might even want to get the Onkyo TX-SR501 because it is only 200 bucks.


Hien Mai
CAn anyone help me plz!!

You could get the Harman Kardon AVR-125 for 199.99 at eCost.com(it is a refurb)but still it all depends on the speakers you buy. Do you want bookshelfs with a subwoofer?or full size mains. I would recomend a Marantz maybe the 4300(around 299.99)A very good receiver IMO. PS: both the receiver mentioned above are laid back so that would GREATLy effect your speaker purchase. What is the price range for this receiver?

Hien Mai
What do u mean by laid back? i heard the HK at circuit city and although they were crisp, it did not really please me.

i dont want to spend that much. i was thinking about even getting the onkyo tx-501. i can get it for 200 bucks. i also saw the onkyo 601 at ecost for 300. but at ecost i hear alot of hidden fees. handling cost and whatnot.

i really dont want to spend more then 400 for this.

again i have the jbl s-center and 4 jbl s38. i have a mtx sub but it is too loud or something and i dont like it. i dont really need bass.

anyone else know what i should get?

The Onkyo has 196KHz bandwidth on the front channels and a wider bandwidth on the component video jacks.

The Denon has (according to the manual) slighty more power and can drive lower impedences. The 1803 should be a little cheaper because the 1804 is out. The 1804 only makes some minor changes to the B speaker/second zone setup.

Otherwise, the receivers are very similar. I have an 1801 and an 1803 and paid less than $400 each for them.

Hope this helps.

Hien Mai
Thx derek

I was wondering where did you get ur denon 1803 from? i dont really like buying things online because of hiddens fees or bad items.

How was the service for you?


Hien Mai:

A very knowledgeable G.DawG suggested the refurb Onkyo 601 from eCost.com. I can attest that eCsot is very reasonable. I bought my denon from eCost.com and, although I am going on memory here, I believe the ground shipping was free and they charged me a processing and handling fee of something like $9.95--and no sales tax! I was very happy and have no problem with the processing and handling fee. It was far less than I would have paid in sales tax!

As far as bad items, the return rate on factory refurb receivers is far lower than on new receivers.

Finally, in those few instances where I have had a problem with an internet ordered item, I have had no problems returning them--the internet retailers are set up to provide good customer service--I just wouldn't worry about it.

If I were in your position (based upon your preferences) I would get the Onkyo from ecost.com.

Hien Mai
Ahh i was gonna buy the onyko 601 at ecost but the shipping is 70 bucks!!!

is that normal? that would make the reciever $370, and also there is a handling fee?

How do you guyz feel about the denon 1803? how does it compare to the onyko 601? the onyko 601 has more features but what r they? i cant find a good site with info on the denon 1803. even with the onyko 601 some sites dont say the compostie to svideo thing.


I buy most of my equipment from BransMart. They have showrooms in Florida.

You can find all the information you want on almost any receiver at the manufacturers web site. Simply download the owner's manual or see https://www.ecoustics.com/Home/Home_Audio/Receivers/Receiver_Reviews/Surround_Sound_Receivers/.
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