Denon AVR-2802 vs 982?


I've noticed that there appears to be 2 model numbers identifying what appears to be the same piece of equipment 2802 vs 982, as well as, others 1802 vs 882, 1082 vs 3802, etc. If you go to Denon's website, the 982 is not listed on their U.S. site, nor their european or others that I've checked. At first I thought that these were gray market models but, not seeing them listed on the foreign websites changed my mind, as did a post I read somewhere stating that these are models that are sold through "non-authorized" Denon dealer sources.

My question is, is the 982 the exact same unit as the 2802 with respect to specs, features and internal components? What about warranty issues, Denon's website indicates that waranties are void for items not bought through authorized dealers, what about the 982 and similar? If they carry a waranty, is it the same as the listed models (2 years parts and labor I believe)? If anyone knows what really the deal with Denon's model numbering, please educate me. Thanks in advance.

Look on the Denon website again. The models you can't find are in the specialty audio section. They are home theater receivers. Here is a link.

Jon, Thanks for the information, I did find that section of the Denon website after I made my post. Based on a side by side comparison of 2802 and 982 specs they appear identical (plus the fact that they share a common user's manual). Do they carry the same waranty, what about the "authorized dealer" issue with respect to waranties on the :specialty" series items?

I don't really understand the logic of creating the identical product with 2 model numbers. I've seen the 982 sell for quite a bit less than the 2802 from merchants that carry both ("non authorized" dealers such as those on Yahoo Shopping. "Authorized dealers" always seem to list MSRP and don't generally carry the 982 or other "speciality" series models).

I bought the 1802 and the owners manual has both the 1802 and 882 model numbers on the front. So, I guess that they are essentially the same piece of equipment.

how is the 1802 working out? considering the 1803
or 2802, does anybody know the difference between the two? Sales man at tweeter said not to buy denon lower than 2802. The 1803 is in the budget the 2802 would stretch it.

Hi, I'm currently shopping for a receiver and I was looking at the Denon 3803/4802 models. I seen the 3803 model on E-bay for about $850, and the 4802 for $1600. I'm very skeptical knowing that you can't touch these two system for under $1199 and $2399 respectively. I was wondering if anyone has bought any of these two models on e-bay and/or an electronic store on the Internet and if the warranty is still valid...?
Thank you.

Phil Krewer

Denon is very specific about their warranty and will not honor it from anything but an authorized dealer. I have seen post on other sites that they won't even fix it if you pay for it and bought it from an unauthorized dealer.


I have heard that there is a difference between the two receivers and I would like people's thoughts on this. I have heard that the 982 is a 130 watt 6 ohm receiver and the 2802 is 90 watt 8 ohms and/or 130 watt 6 ohms. I verified this on the specs...let me know what you think.

Phil Krewer
to my knowledge they are the same receiver, but the warranty is different. 1 year for the 982 and 2 years for the 2802

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