HDCD decoder? for what?


For what format is this??
Do I nead this?
Is it some kind of super audio cd,DVD audio,SACD?? Or what??
Thanks in advance

There are maybe 5,000 HDCD discs produced since 1995 and it certainly appears that since its inception a few years before that---there hasn't been much traction in the commercial marketplace.

Supposedly an HDCD eqipped player will improve even non-HDCD discs. If so, it certainly hasn't made too many rush out and buy it.

I would say it has mostly been a commercial failure.

DVD-Audio and SACD have both outpaced it---and neither of them have set the world afire yet.

Thanks G-Man
Actually I noticed this feature on a Receiver I am auditioning and not on a player, will you say it is a good feature to have on a receiver or not needed at all.
See I was planning on buying the Marantz SR4300 and my friend just got it so I had a chance to audition it carefully, actually I was quite impressed but being my nature I thought of spending a bit more and get a higher Marantz model the SR6300 but then I compared the 2 and apart from the 6300 having more power and multi-room I noticed that the 4300 has a built HDCD decoder while the 6300 doesn't, so what would you say?
Should this feature(the HDCH decoding) bother me at all?
Thanks again

I don't think HDCD should be a deal breaker. My first Toshiba DVD player had this so I purchased two HDCD discs. I can't recall noticing a difference. I think DVD-A and SACD are a much bigger deal and those two formats haven't made a huge splash yet. On the Toshiba HDCD only worked using the analog outputs. Not sure how it works on receivers, digital or analog.

I wouldn't worry if you're receiver doesn't have it.

Apart form the Marantz SR4300 have you heared of any othere receiver with an HDCD decoder?

Newbie--I agree with GT. I would not let HDCD be much of a concern in choosing the receiver or dvd player you want. It is a very marginalized chipset with very little market penetration and its outlook for more is rather poor.

SACD/DVD-Audio has far more potential--particularly DVD-Audio. And you only need to buy a dvd player with these formats--any surround a/v preamp or receiver will play these formats without any extra chipsets. And the SACD and/or DVD-Audio format is only important if you are going to buy discs encoded for these formats. If you are only playing your CD's and DVD-Video discs you don't need a dvd player with these other two formats. Most A/V receivers with Dolby Pro Logic II can nicely mix your CD's to a 5 channel surround (albeit, not in discrete format)that sounds to my ears very good in most cases. And of course you can still play your CD's in standard stereo format.

Actually my love is pure stereo but I also want to have the latest in Decoders on my AV receiver.
But still from what I understood from you guys is that HDCD is not new and actually wont be pushing forward(Did I understand correct??)
Thanks Guys G-man & GT

Anon, HDCD is a Microsoft venture. As long as the venture remains in tact and as long as 2 channel stereo audiophiles buy it then it will be around.

JVC even makes a audiophile CD the XRCD, XRCD2 and XRCD24 that can be played on any player like the HDCD


I've looked through the owners manual and found no mention of HDCD decoding. Where did you get this info from? I see that on Marantz own website(Europe) it does indicate that the 4300 has this feature but makes no mention of it anywhere else. Maybe its just an error on there part. I find it hard to believe they would put this feature on their budget receiver and not on any other.

Marantz seriously needs to go through its websites with a fine tooth comb to put its blurb right.


look for the last featur under MULTICHANNEL/SURROUND MODES

the blue square indicates that the unit has the feature.

HK AVR 525 and AVR 7200 also list HDCD decoding. I agree with previous posts that this technology has been around for a while and should not be a deal breaker. HDCD add 4 bits of info to the track (20 bit vs. 16 bit) and I have never been convinced that I can hear any difference!!
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