Marantz sr 8300 vs. sr 8200 vs. sr 7300ose



I am looking for awesome music capability and listen to music 80% movies 20%. Equipment: B&W fronts, Mirage center and sw, Infinity rears. Linn Axis turntable, DVD is Panasonic RP-91.

SR 8300 vs sr8200
I am trying to decide between the newer x300 series, or the older x200's. I have read that 200's had problems with auto shut offs, and that the 300's have a high pitched hum at center chanel. Are these accross the board problems? The older ones are available for about $999, while the newer is $1699.

Also the older series frequency response is stated as 8kHz to 70kHz, while the newer is 8-100kHZ. Would this create a noticeable difference in sound quality.

I have heard that the sr7300ose may have better sound than the 8300 (and presumably 8200 as well) even though the power output, and thd are marginally weaker, due to the "audiophile engineering" Is this true? Also this machine does'nt have THX certification/effects, so would there be a loss in sound quality for movies? I currently have a Kenwood xr100 and do use the THX setting a lot. The 7300ose price ranges from $830 to $1200.

I hope someone can please help me. I am very confused. Also it is hard to decide between authorized dealer, authorized refurbished product or unauthorized "bargain" sites. Before I heard of the technical issues with the product, I was willing to take a chance on no warranty, now I'm really not sure.

Hawk? Anyone?

I would really appreciate any insights you may have. Sorry if this thread sounds like previous ones, I just have'nt seen the answers I need.

Really looking for advice and clarity before I just abandon the Marantz issue altogether and jump to a Yamaha or Onkyo out of despiration.



You pose some really interesting questions, but I think you are thinking too hard about them. I personally think all three of the receivers you listed are pretty good and well worth having. In fact, I would like to have any of the three. First off, I have not heard of a problem with the center channel in the x300 series of receivers--I am not saying it isn't true, but I haven't heard about it. Every brand, even the most reliable, has an occasional unit that has a problem. No one is 100%. Doesn't mean it is endemic to the brand or model, however.

The problems with the x200s was really more confined to the 7200 and below as these had poor quality power supplies. However, the 8200 has a good power supply (we know this from the THX Select certification) and I am unaware of any problems with it. In fact, I believe I was told that the power supply used in the 8200 was later used in the 7300 and 7300ose. I think the 8200 is a really good receiver and probably all that you would need. I also think the 7300ose is quite good. I tried one out with a pair of my old Heybrook 2Rs and the sound was simply stunning it was so good. Personally, I like the 7300ose a lot.

I haven't heard the 8300, so I don't want to give an opinion, other than to say I would believe it would be just about like the 8200 and 7300ose. Is is only marginally changed from the 8200.

Right now, you can get a refurb'ed 8200 from Accesories4Less for $999.99, which is a very good price, complete with a 1 year warranty. If you should buy from an unauthorized dealer, see if you can buy a warranty. Usually, you can. I always think a warranty is a good thing. If these units have a problem, it will most likely show up within 3-5 months. If you are outside of a year with no problems, it will probably last a minimum of 10 years (I have a 21 year old receiver that I use in my garage whenver I am working outside or in the garage, which is fairly often--it gets some real work). I like buying refurbs as you save a bunch of money and they usually have fewer problems.

Good luck!

Hi Hawk,

I'm just curious how you would rate the 7300ose vs NAD T742 & T752. Is the quality of the OSE closer to the NADs than the regular 7300? If so, how much closer? :P
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