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I am looking for a reciever in the $250-350 price range. I have some specifications I desire and am having a hard time matching these with my budget.
I have 3 in ceiling sets (Descant 8" coaxial) and 1 in wall set (6.5 " Descant coaxial) speakers. Each is a separate zone in different rooms. A powered subwoofer will be used. I hope to be able to run a phono, but this is not crucial also.CD and DVD should run also. The tuner should be above average. It will only be used for audio input. Therefore no TV,Video, movies or needs for "surround" sound.
I know there are recievers on the market that are mainly "Home Audio", but these have only 2 zones ( or sets of speakers). I need 4 zones or rooms. There will be separte volume control in each room.
Any suggestions as to what I could or FAQs available to edeucate me. I am a neophyte with regard to setting this system up.
I apoligize if I broke etiquette with my posting.

The simplest and least expensive method is the following:

The output from a single amplifier or receiver is split amongst several rooms. All rooms will receive the same music. The volume controls can be located in each room to adjust listening levels (or the cheapest method is using the receivers volume control). Whenever the output from a single amp/receiver is split between 2 or more speakers, an impedance matching system must be used.

Niles Corp. manufactures a number of speaker switching devices. The SPS-4 connects up to 4 zones. The SPS-6 connects up to 6 zones. You may try looking at

That said, there are no regular receivers that come with this capability. You will need to connect the Niles switcher to the wires from all your speaker zones and then connect the Niles switcher to your receivers amplification output. This is the least expensive way to do this.

You can also put volume devices on the wall in each room, or save money and control everything from the receiver--but you won't have individual volume control in each room.

My advice is to get the most powerful and least expensive stereo receiver and hook up the Niles switching device. You should be able to get a used receiver on a site such as

NAD has some good stereo receivers and I am sure they can be found at

Without buying used equipment it will be very difficult to get anywhere near your budget.
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