HK AVR-325 or 525 with Klipsch Synergy, Opinions?


Gary Parker
Thinking about this system for a 24 by 12 room:

Harman Kardon AVR-325 $539 (Circuit City)
or AVR-525 Open Box $599 (Circuit City)

Klipsch 5.1 Synergy Speakers
2 SF-2
2 SC-1 or SC.5
2 SS-1 or SS.5
KSW-10 or KSW-12 sub

Panasonic Plasma TV

I feel this will be a good home theater also useable for music. 2 questions.

1) Are the speakers a good match for the HK receiver?

2) Any suggestions on how to spend $5000 and get a better home theater system? Plasma is a must.



Gary Parker
I'm also looking at a Klipsch package from Reliable Audio:

Klipsch Package Deal RF35, RC35, RS35, KSW12

Receiver : has model 1050 that sounds good on music as well. Better choice than HK.
NAD is another possibility ( for refurb. good deal.
If you don't mined used, go for the top of the line models of Denon on ebay

Speakers : Try to hear
Monitor audio bronz

Klipsch is ok - some people love them, others really don't like them. If you like them even efter hearing others I mentioned, than go for them, but I think you might find a better sounding one.

You might want to wait about 2 years on TV - I heard there will be a switch in technology, and the cost is coming down significantly every year.

Gary Parker
Thanks James. After researching this some more I've found the Klipsch speakers dont really get very good reviews. I like what I am reading about the Paradigm speakers. I will be in Pittsburgh in a few weeks on business and I'm hoping they have some places for me to try stuff out.

Why are some many people down on the HKs?


I'm curious, where did you find the Klipsch Package Deal RF35, RC35, RS35, KSW12 for $1595 ?


Gary Parker

Anyone know if the RW-12 sub is better then the KSW-12?

Klipsch speakers mate very well HK.
Check the various threads in the receivers forum.

Gary, I have Paradigms and absolutely love them. I highly recommend demoing them if you can. The Klipsch were too boomy for me.

Gary Parker
Thanks Rick. Based on more reading I think I'll be looking at the Paradigms and Monitor Audios.

Gary Parker
Thanks James. I keep hearing NAD and Outlaw for receivers. And Paradigm (not with HK), Monitor Audio and PSB for speakers.

The H/K 525 is a very good reciever and a perfect match with Monitors. [as is Elite 45 which I have and love] For Paradigms I would recommend NAD, Rotel, and Onkyo/Integra. I would love to hear the Outlaw amps but since they are mail order only have never had the chance.
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