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Anyone has this problem with the Harman Kardon remotes.
The batteries go in to front which makes the remote front heavy. The tapering design makes it almost impossible to reach the lower buttons without straining your fingers which ends with paining hands.

After 5 days of using the HK325z, I am now left with a painful right hand.

Are you serious? I've had my 320/325 remote for almost a year and even though it is top heavy, never noticed any strain or pain. Maybe I do something different.

Its possible you do something different. I am used to remotes having the same width throughout which I feel makes navigating to the lower buttons easier. I tried holding the remote a bit lower but then the top heavy design forces the remote to bend forwards and down for which I have to compensate with the my hands.. I think thats possibly has resulted in the pain. I have been resorting to my TV/DVD remote for all functions except AVR.

1. You are spending too much time playing with the remote and not listening to the receiver.
2. You need to go out more/exercise.
3. You need another hobby.
4. Use both hands, or put it on top of something.

Stop complaning and enjoy the sound!!!!!!

Buy the H/K AVR-7200. The batteries go into the end towards the user - not the front.


I am not complaining. I get my share of exercise and have more than enough hobbies. So just shut up

You are not complaning? Well, it seems that you are the only one with this "so called" problem. So, it's not a remote problem.


The remote is innocent! My hand is to blame and
everyone should make tapered remotes.
Just because you don't have a problem doesnt mean anything. Its my opinion vs yours and there may be nothing right or wrong. So stop making judgements. I just asked is anyone else had this problem. Read the first line of my post.
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